The Press Is Already Trying To Sell A Celtic Player After Just One Game.

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Glasgow Live – sister paper to The Daily Record – came up with a new way to annoy us today when it published a story linking Juranovic with a move to the EPL. After he’s played one game.

Where’s the merit in a story like that? Is he good enough to play in that league?

Nobody knows because we’ve hardly seen the guy.

He looks impressive, yes, but in 90 minutes, played out of position.

That’s hardly a well to tell what we’ve got here.

I’m not sure what this story accomplishes except to aggravate people.

The same sort of nonsense is already being talked about Kyogo and how he’ll be “attracting interest”.

It’s not going to unsettle anyone who’s just been at the club five minutes, but it’s laying the ground work for stupid questions at future press events and for a whole summer of speculation.

Whenever Celtic is settled this is what happens; an outpouring of this guff, linking our players to all and sundry.

The worst thing is, some of these players start believing this nonsense and that’s exactly what the press is really after here.

Juranovic is delighted to be at Celtic.

He’s young and I don’t doubt that he’s highly ambitious as well. These people haven’t even let him settle in before they’ve started their nonsense.

It’s much the same as giving Starfelt no chance to grow into the team before they start to hammer at him.

Wait until he’s had a few more good games; he too will be on the tabloid’s list of likely summer departures.

It is depressingly predictable.

Of course, it’s also a compliment. Our club is good at this, at spotting good young players and turning them into stars.

We are good at selling them out.

We are credible in a way the club at Ibrox is not.

That doesn’t make this story any less ludicrous … but it does cast a big dark shadow over what the club across the city keeps on failing to do.

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  • Ange Baby says:

    James, you have some great articles but i wish you would stop your obsession with commenting every time there’s a newspaper non-story and just ignore it.

    You’re starting to sound like the paranoid lot across the city

    • Seanavich says:

      Exactly would love to know why there’s not more column inches being given to a comparison between how many players Celtic has sold to premier League teams for £10 mil+ compared to Sevco 2012 or indeed to old deed Rangers and the reasons why. Now that would be an interesting article

    • Seppington says:

      If we ignore it the morons in the press will just keep on doing it. Lots of people read things and take them at face value and so the smsm fuds keep doing it. Fan sites give us the ability to call these scumbags out (we know they read these sites) and helps let other tims know exactly what kind of pish these hacks will write just to get at us, and why they should ignore it.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    This has always been the way with the press,best just to ignore it and get on with the business of winning back this league

  • Bigchunkylardass says:

    The number of Celtic bad, Celtic are a wee club, Celtic got bumped, Celtic missed a gem, and not forgetting Ange didn’t pick the players he’s signed the last week, etc etc.
    Its about all there is to read….. Just looks like ah load of folk are trying to get us to turn on Celtic – think theys scared perhaps?


  • SSMPM says:

    Fair enough to call out the articles of fiction or downright lies about us James but we don’t need to keep joining in by then comparing ourselves to that club lowering ourselves. Defending lies about our club is right and proper. Ignore them, don’t ignore them? They’ll still keep publishing stank level journalism.
    There’s plenty of other clubs in our league and lower divisions with which we’ve had a much LONGER HISTORY, culture and heritage that we can talk about with the level of respect we don’t see from the gutter press. HH

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