The Trust Slams The Board In Their Latest Statement But Does Anyone At Celtic Care?

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Large sections of the Celtic support remain understandably angry over the events of the last 12 months, with the shareholder’s organisation particularly fierce in their criticisms of those at the top of our house. I happen to agree with every word they say.

They released another statement recently condemning Ian Bankier and his glib report as part of the financial results, a report which this site and others have roundly condemned.

Most of us are clear in our belief that Bankier has run out his string as Celtic chairman and needs to be one of the next people out the door at our club.

The thing is, it’s just not clear that anyone at Celtic Park is listening to us or cares what we have to say. There has been no meaningful communication from the club in weeks, and the events surrounding the departure of Dominic McKay remain unexplained.

The club routinely treats the fans with total contempt, and the last 12 months have been particularly shameful in that regard.

Nobody inside Parkhead appears to give a damn what we think; even the fan media outreach has retreated almost all the way back.

Bloggers are still offered the chance to talk to the women’s team and the youth side, and new signings are always put up for a chat, but where are the decision makers, the people we really want to question?

They are in hiding. The whole fan outreach idea increasingly looks like a way for the club to appear committed to mending fences, whilst it keeps the top officials at arm’s length. It is insulting. It’s as if they don’t think we’re entitled to ask questions or get answers.

There are a handful of Celtic fan organisations – not fan media but fan groups – which do get to meet the club on a regular basis.

I know at least one of them is pretty happy at McKay being gone because they didn’t like him much. Funny that they made that judgement having denied ever meeting him in the first place. Some of them aren’t worth a damn and won’t help us.

The Celtic Trust is definitely the only group with an “in” at Parkhead and which is made up of people who are sufficiently serious minded and are dedicated to trying to find out what in God’s name is going on inside our house.

They’re certainly the only one that will tell the rest of us.

Other organisations are just getting started; Celts For Change 2021 are worth keeping an eye on and the bhoys from The North Curve have always been interesting and up for the fight, but the club can, and does, ignore them much of the time although The North Curve guys are very inventive when it comes to getting publicity and they need to think about how best to use that against the board.

But it’s The Trust who can get things done, and their statement – as part of their September newsletter – is both bang on the money and sadly necessary … but I wonder who at the club really cares?

I wonder who is paying attention to us right now?

I wonder if they think they have to.

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  • Iljas Baker says:

    Sorry but I have to keep saying it. Boycott the merchandise and let the board explain what’s happening to Adidas. Banners and protests against the board and DD as inventive and honest as possible. It will soon become a national story. Make it impossible to ignore. Perhaps more people should support the Green Brigade.

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