Tomorrow Celtic Can Exorcise Some Ghosts On That Ghastly Plastic Pitch.

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The press has been talking about our away record all season.

They’ve been talking about our record on plastic pitches for even longer.

Tomorrow we can shut them up on both fronts and I fully expect that we will.

This Celtic side will exorcise a lot of demons out there.

Plastic pitches should be banned; I don’t even think that’s a purists view any longer but good old fashioned common sense.

They are an abomination.

Our record on them has never been as abominable as the pitches themselves, but it’s bad and there’s no denying it.

There is a reason the hacks talk about it so much. Livingston is a particular nightmare destination for us.

But this is a different Celtic team playing a different kind of football.

I have been frequently amazed to see Celtic sides go to Livingston and places like it and try to play tippy-tappy football as though on a bowling green surface. This Celtic side is more direct, preferring to run with the ball and drive at the defence.

It’s a different prospect from the teams which have gone there and tried to play probing passes on it.

It is important to get this away record nonsense shut down.

But equally important is proving that we can finally dominate on these artificial pitches and I expect that this time tomorrow night we’ll all be basking in the pleasure of having watched us do both.

I think Ange’s fast-paced style will work like a charm on that gruesome field where so many of our teams have struggled. He said earlier in the week he would not allow anyone to use it as an excuse; I think he must secretly relish the prospect.

I know I do.

I’ve been waiting for this for weeks now, knowing that it’s one of those days in which the press will be expecting us to struggle … it’s just another thing for this team to check off in the To Do list.

I expect to enjoy every second of it.

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  • Damian says:

    I’m pretty sure I heard Alan Morrison say that our average points won on plastic pitches is higher than our domestic away record more generally. It’s a tired story from the media and a tired excuse from ourselves, IMO.

  • Ange Baby says:

    James, the media go on about our away record because it is a fact. Its not only the big bad media, every Celtic fan is aware of it.

    We have struggled at Livvy in the recent past, that is also a fact.

    If you want the media to stop mentioning these facts then the solution is simple.

    We win away…starting tomorrow

    No excuses

  • jrm63 says:

    You are right about tippy tappy football. Celtic will win tomorrow if they cross the ball. It is so simple even Morelos can score from crosses. Cross the f******* ball like they did last week

  • Cairncross says:

    Absolute classic comment from the previous article, no truer words were ever spoken –

    The whole thing screams toy-town. A fake club with a fake history flying a fake flag for their first league title … and the ground will be surrounded by mentions of how it’s number “55.” If there is an air of surrealism, it’s because that whole club is surreal.


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