Vaccine Passports Pass And Will Be Needed At Celtic Park From 1 October.

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Well, as expected vaccine passports have cleared the legislative hurdle and they will be required, in law, for attendance at Celtic Park from 1 October.

I see some people are still blaming the club for this, and saying they will hold the club responsible if it tries to implement this.

Those people need to have a lie down.

This is now the law. Implementation will happen.

The club has no choice. Failure to take “all reasonable measures” to ensure compliance with the law will be an offence.

This will require double vaccination or a medical exemption.

Under 18’s are automatically exempted.

There will be difficulties in implementing this, but not the major logistical problems we had initially believed.

There will be apps available for Celtic Park stewards to download and they will scan each vaccine certificate as the holder goes to the ground.

What will happen if folk have “fake” passports? Well the government is going to legislate to make that a criminal offence, so good luck to anyone who tries to use it to get into a football ground. If you get caught that’s going to be pretty bad for you.

Those who haven’t yet been vaccinated will need to hurry; the second vaccination will have to be administered two weeks before the certificate updates to show it. A negative PCR test will not, at this time, be enough to gain entry to the ground.

So this is where we are. The plan has easily cleared the necessary legislative hurdle.

It is not out of the question that it might yet be extended to cover other sectors of the economy; if numbers continue to rise and hospitalisations with them it might be the only alternative to a new lockdown.

This is yet more proof, for those who need it, that we’re going to be living with this thing for a while yet, and all of us will need to continue making sacrifices for the common good.

The positive thing is that this ought to ensure that Parkhead is open for the campaign.

And once that’s sorted, we can all get on with enjoying the games.

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  • Incorporation says:

    I’ve downloaded the paper version with it’s associated QR codes – they don’t work. I see trouble ahead.

  • Biffo67 says:

    Where did you get your epidemiology doctorate?

  • Ange Baby says:

    Great-the rest of us will be prevented from having to put up with eejits like you inside the ground.

  • CC says:

    This will all be the subject of intense academic study in the future. This has been so elegantly implemented that it deserves, rather perversely, praise. The changes in language which have taken place over the past twenty years are the markers which will allow future generations to “track and trace ” from whence this shitshow came.
    Even in the replies to this article…”we will be prevented from having to put up..”.
    Prevention, safety, lockdown, isolation, offence, inappropriate…the list of buzzwords used for programming is long ..but not too long. That would confuse the consumers.
    It’s been the vehicle which has facilitated the culture shift to end all. Don’t just take my word for it; read, if you can tear yourself away from the television for a few hours of a day, Mein Kampf. The blueprint is in there. But hey. What do I know? I’m a lunatic because I question things. I’m an eejit because I’ve read and researched papers on PCR testing. I’m an anti-vaxxer because I’ve read the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and Bioethics. I’m a conspiracy theorist because I suggest to people to read their own government’s website to find out about the yellow card reporting scheme (amongst other things).
    I’m the hysterical one because I don’t want to cover up my breathing holes, I still want to hug my friends and family and I don’t cancel those who have “grabbed the jab” – like it was going in to a branch of Cinnabon. Yes. I’m a nutter. God help us all.

  • Ange Baby says:

    Another eejit who has no interest in Celtic at all but uses the site to display his ignorance.

    Ignore the tedious long-winded BS copied and pasted from his favourite conspiracy theorist and cut to his last 7 words.

    Well done


  • Ange Baby says:

    So you SAY you don’t like this site but yet you continue to use it to demonstrate how thick you are?

    LOL! Not the brightest are you?


    • CC says:

      I didn’t say I didn’t like this site. In fact, I like it very much. I did say that I am in disagreement with articles written on the site and have presented an argument as to why. The last I looked, that was fair game. The reason I like this site is because I DO care about Celtic and I prefer this site to other Celtic sites. As things stand, though one would be forgiven for thinking otherwise in many cases, freedom of expression is still allowed.

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