Whatever Happens Elsewhere At Celtic Ange Has The Backing Of The Stands.

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Spare a thought tonight for Ange Postecoglou, the most directly affected person at Celtic as a result of all the uncertainty that has now been tossed our way.

He must wonder just what sort of shit-show he’s taken on here at this oh-so dysfunctional football club.

But Ange ought to just shut it all out. Whatever’s going on elsewhere at Celtic, he has already made it clear where his responsibilities start and finish. He knows what his job is and he knows that there are people he can absolutely rely on to have his back.

They will be cheering tomorrow in the stands at Celtic Park.

We are backing the manager.

That’s it, that’s the strength of it.

We support the work being done by Ange Postecoglou.

If he needs to take strength from anything he should take it from that.

This good man, this genuine man, this decent man, has our confidence.

Woe betide the people above him if they make his job more difficult than it has to be in the next few months.

They will not be forgiven for it, not by this generation of fans.

Ange and McKay were supposed to be the unifying figures at Celtic, the proof that we were moving forward.

One of those men is no longer in the building.

The one who’s left must be allowed to proceed on his own terms; no interference from above.

No imposing idiotic overseers on him; Ange has his own vision and he will not compromise it and nor should he.

The next few weeks are going to be even more taxing for this guy than they already were.

Whatever has gone wrong at Celtic, the relationship between the fans and the board has taken another mammoth hit.

But that should not concern him at all.

We have your back, Ange, you and the team will get the support and encouragement they deserve.

Those elsewhere in the club aren’t your concern.

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  • JOHN says:

    Bankier, Desmond and co gtf

    • Anthony says:

      Why the hysteria? Either family or not happy with role. Dom is a Celtic man, takes something to leave. I figure it’s the former.

  • Plus ça change, déjà vu… says:

    James it’s all very well saying that the support has Ange’s back and turning up to watch the team, but it doesn’t put any pressure on the Board. The season books have been sold and the strips are bought [ forget Christie prezzies courtesy of Brexshit] and the Board don’t have to say diddley squat. it’s none of our business as far as they’re concerned. They also know we won’t use the only weapon we have, bums on seats. OK so Season books are sold but Euro briefs and matchday revenues. They can be withheld. While we are at it we can boycott SFA cup briefs, National team, away tickets etc.
    Let’s see the SPFL get on without the £Green. Reform all round or it will be the same every season. Auld Firm United, one for me, one for you ,except the Zombie Board would stand on our throats if they had the chance. The whole game in Scotland is corrupt and we need to starve it of the fruits. Let’s see what the Sponsors say when the stands at Parkhead are empty or there are no away fans at televised away games. All we are doing is feeding the Beast and they don’t care what we think, Just watch the press passes for fan media being revoked. Far too modern for a club like Celtic.

  • Dora says:

    Agreed Anthony, why all the over the top hysteria, result this weekend and then another the following week and it’s all good….timing not great but I personally can’t wait for this team to show what their made of and Ange needs to be surrounded by positivity, not this negative, paranoid spin some are putting out there..
    Same effort made last yr it was 10 and not the COVID miracle wangers footy klub

  • Dora says:

    Celtic just need to keep on winning which should be achieved with the influx of quality so, back the fking team/Ange and leave the corrupt sh*te for another day…painful for all last yr but the success over the past 20 years has been phenomenal, slight derailment but fk me there’s times I can’t believe when things don’t pan out it’s totally over the top, world’s gonna end sh*tballs.
    I’m all in head first with Patrick Power and so should all….free Lunny!
    Day day

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