When Did Celtic Fans Become So Impatient With Our Own Players?

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There is a section of our support which seems obsessed with finding fault with our own players and I have written about this time and time again.

We know there are players who, over the years, have not measured up. But they’ve usually been given longer than a few weeks before the internet snipers are taking constant shots at them.

Not so with a new section of our support, which makes it up its mind quickly and judges harshly and makes no allowances whatsoever for sharpness, fitness or the need some players have to grow into their roles in the side.

In recent weeks Starfelt and Soro have been singled out for ridiculous amounts of stick. This weekend it is James McCarthy. Because he had one bad game. There’s a report in today which I’ll write about later which hasn’t helped.

But it’s the fans I’m particularly interested in and the way so many haven’t so much rushed to judgement as written the guy off before he’s played more than a handful of matches.

These guys need to step back and ask themselves why they seem to derive no pleasure from watching us.

They look for every negative they can find, and they are quicker to condemn than I’ve ever known fans to be. Supporters can be fickle – and we’ve all done that – but some of this is way beyond that. There’s an intolerance about some of it which is unbecoming.

McCarthy is still getting up to speed.

If the manager made a mistake in team selection at the weekend it was starting him instead of Soro, but I understand why he did.

Of course, the same segment of our support would have took to the internet to wail long and loudly had he continued with Soro in the team anyway because all they’ve done since the midweek game is moan about him as they were moaning about Starfelt not that long ago. Ajeti is he isn’t getting it; they had written him off as well.

McCarthy is a highly player who has done it in one of the best leagues in the world.

I have no doubt whatsoever that he will be a huge player for us as this season goes on, if a section of our support can learn some patience and get off his back.

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  • Gavin d milne says:

    Takes time to settle look at poor jack Henry never given a chance and he’s left and turned into a cracking player. The list is endless there on the players backs already and even the manager is getting it piss me off the plastic fans.

  • John says:

    The stench of negativity is nauseating on this blog sometimes. Get real! It takes time for a team and manager to gel. Agree that 9 points dropped away from home is not a good look but looking at these games in context. Hearts- perfectly good goal disallowed to put us in front. Another honest mistake? At Ibrox whilst I don’t think we did enough win we certainly didn’t deserve to lose.
    Yesterday was a bad day at the office but Keep the Faith and it will turn around.

  • kirikocho blazes says:

    James. look at results: results don’t lie. Lost five out of last six games. Humiliated by Livingston at weekend. No away League win in seven months. What is it exactly that you see that makes you feel optimism? Are you just an optimist because you don’t want to be a pessimist?

  • kirikochoblazes says:

    Correction, that’d be lost four out of last five games. Bad enough! Humiliated by bottom of the League, going into the game, Livingston. I never have and never would boo a Celtic player as it takes bravery to wear the Hoops for Celtic. But so many errors in our play. e.g. Ajeti caught off-side twice inside first ten minutes in Spain. Someone has to point out to the players what it is that is costing us in the Big Picture of match-games played with poor results. It’s not “Rocket science” after all! If the Coaches can’t correct basic errors that the players are making then we’re all wasting our time! If a player is fit to play, then the Manager has to instruct him what to do during the game. That’s all a player can do! Results are down to the manager and coaches!

  • SSMPM says:

    Don’t know what results you were expecting. 100% already?
    I get the frustration, me too, but why be an optimist or a pessimist when a bit of realism might help.
    Its a new team/squad, racked with injuries, new signings (late signings again) and a new manager. Not forgetting those officials that keep making negative honest mistakes against us yet positive mistakes to the benefit of another. Calm yourself dear bhoy. By the end of the season we’ll have a better idea of what’s what not at the middle of the beginning. HH

  • kirikocho blazes says:

    I am calm, but by the end of the season I fear it would be too late! There are reasons we are not winning away League games against teams that we should be beating. If we don’t sort them out we’ll lose the League and what should really have been £40M CL easy money. (Easy come, easy Go!) We are racked by injuries because we play a risky brand of football, very similar to that which we played under the previous Manager. “(Get It Up The Wings Quickly and Cross it In”). It’s percentage football but big defenders facing the ball are always favourites to win those crosses against comparatively light weight Celtic forwards. It is not intelligent football! And officials will always make “Honest Mistakes” against us! Our players should have been good enough to outplay and beat Livi on Sunday. So just where is it going wrong?

  • kiricocho blazes says:

    Three points dropped away to Livi is as good/bad at any stage of the season. It don’t matter what date you don’t win the points on! It’s the points total at the end of the season that counts! What percentage of financial turnover do you think Livingston will have on Celtic’s? 5 % maybe? Roughly, yes I reckon. Yet we can drop three precious points against them? That don’t make sense. It is like the Primary Seven kids going round to the Primary One playground for a game – and taking a tanking!

  • kiricocho blazes says:

    Correction. “Racked With Injuries”? Against Real Betis we had only two players out injured Kyogo and Taylor (Forrest no regular first team starter) and Abada was back for Livingston. So, that is on paper, only one injury to first team players against Livingston,Taylor. Hardly “Racked With Injuries” and definitely not an excuse!

  • kiricocho blazes says:

    Two First Team Squad injuries against Livi. Taylor and Kyogo. We should have a big enough squad to cope!

  • kiricocho blazes says:

    And I am not frustrated. (Not your “Dear” either). Believe it! But I do know if we go on like we are going so far this season, then we are going nowhere! I am just glad I am not paying money to watch that this season.

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