At Every Level At Ibrox, The Lunatics Have Completely Taken Over The Asylum.

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There are few football clubs anywhere in Europe where a fan media outlet could have been accused of racism, sectarianism, misogyny and bigotry and come out of it with more followers, subscribers and backers than they had going into the scandal.

But the club that calls itself “Rangers” is one of them.

It probably should not come as a big surprise to folk.

If you look at their social media right now what you will see is absolutely damning.

Not only are those who indulged in the bigoted behaviour being lauded, but some of the language being directed at the club’s so-called enemies is far worse than what the podcasters themselves are accused of.

The whole of Sevco social media has turned its bile soaked fury outward and the level of the vitriol is truly something to behold.

The club itself is silent, but then the club itself is run by a board which has elevated victimhood and vendetta to a whole new level.

It stands to reason that for all their talk of inclusivity that they haven’t banned Edgar and his podcast.

It stands to reason that Dingwall has escaped any flak at all, although his outpourings of hate can be the equal of anything you’ll read elsewhere.

He is the purveyor of the Follow Follow site, where the thread alleging that Celtic are “facing a multi-million-pound compensation claim” is far and away the most updated and viewed on what’s ostensibly a fan forum for his own club.

It has generated no fewer than 35,000 replies and 3 million views. It runs to over 700 pages. Half of its posters could be jailed for what they put on it. It was last updated 25 minutes ago, as I write this at five past seven at night.

This is the sewer in which these Peepul dwell. This is their level.

Follow Follow and Heart In Hand are two of their “official media partners” and both are embroiled in this.

More than that, these outlets have never been more popular than they are right now, as they attack the mainstream press, politicians and others.

For the club to stand back as their “official media partners” behave in such a deranged fashion sends a very clear message to the rest of the fan-base; the lunatics are in charge.

The club could nip this in the bud in two seconds by tossing these people so far out the door that it sends the opposite signal.

It chooses not to.

It is not difficult to believe that they are, in fact, pretty happy with events as they continue to unfold.

But then, it’s hard to argue that the lunatics haven’t been running things over there for a while. You look at every aspect of the club and what you see is an outbreak of insanity, from their transfer policy to their engagement with the wider world.

An Ibrox director openly boasted over the summer of “settling scores on and off the pitch.”

Their fan organisations are openly engaged in civil war when they aren’t turning their guns elsewhere.

The club continues to pay no heed to global health protocols and standards.

It is run by reckless, arrogant men who simply will not engage on an appropriate level with the rest of the world.

This kind of scandal has been coming because they pander to the psycho element of their fan-base every single time a major issue arises.

I said in a piece over the weekend that the Scottish media has no choice but to fight hard and win this battle, but the only way that will happen is if the club itself is forced to ban these people and make it clear that their kind of behaviour is unacceptable.

That clearly is not going to happen.

The Ibrox fan-base thinks that constitutes a victory, but in fact the rest of the world looks at this and understands quite clearly that the club has given free rein to the lunatic fringe, and that will have dire consequences down the line.

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  • Tommy Kennedy says:

    As I have said elsewhere don’t be fooled by the heart and hand trio and their apologies as they are so anti Catholic it bleeds from them and remember they are sevco media partner that tells you everything you need to know. The daily record has shown them up for being sectarian racist and their fans tell us too go home .well I will tell them we are here to stay.

  • John mcghee says:

    Scum new club and scum fans.

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