Ibrox Panders To The Mob Again Heedless Of The Latest Disgrace.

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Earlier today it was revealed that the Ibrox fan group The Union Bears have vandalised the Lyon player’s bus, by spray-painting it overnight, to the anger of many in the wider support who realise that this kind of thing only makes them look bad.

But the Union Bears have been feted by the club at every turn, and by the support as a whole which has offered them unqualified backing despite the video of its members marching through a Glasgow tunnel singing the racist Famine Song.

This is a fan group that is out of control.

The club has done nothing to get a grip of it. Banning small numbers of fans for racist chanting does nothing to tackle the larger problem, and this fan group is a symptom of that larger problem.

At the same time, the club has remained silent on the “Official club partners” who have spent the last fortnight disgracing them at every turn.

This is further proof that the lunatic fringe is well and truly in charge over there.

None of it comes close to the news Chris Sutton broke earlier.

As damaging as the sight of the vandalised bus is, as much as the last fortnight has exposed the Ibrox board as being in bed with the crazies, tonight’s news that BT Sport will cover the Celtic match, which bet365 has the Bhoys as outsiders for, from London because Ibrox raised “security concerns” about the presence of Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon makes their club look absolutely ridiculous.

There are two ways to look at this and in both their organisation stinks to high heaven. Either this is them pandering to their worst elements by banning two men with a Celtic connection, sending a message to their rogue element that the club will always put them first, or Ibrox realises that a section of its support is dangerous out of control and they genuinely fear for the safety of the BT Sport team. None of those scenarios paints them in a good light.

Both of them reveal a serious sickness at Ibrox, in the support or in the boardroom or more likely than not in both. Any other club would consider this a major embarrassment. Yet those running the Ibrox operation continue to indulge those who bring this shame on it.

Until that changes, they will continue having to live with this disgraceful element until one of two things happens; either the club gets rid of them or they will kill the club. Frankly, an organisation which welcomes these people probably deserves that.

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  • Gerry McGinnis says:

    A permanent disgrace

  • JOHNNY says:

    The Nazi youth at it again
    Horrible peepul

  • Dora says:

    Wowzers, just when you think wangers can’t stoop any lower well, guess what folks, it appears they have…that’s another tick in a long list of embarrassing situations the numero uno racist klub have somehow found themselves in but I’m sure the hillbilly board will rectify this b4 their klub slips down the toilet…what a klub!

  • Brian says:

    Hope your happy with your legacy mr. Lawwell

  • SSMPM says:

    I believe still that their strategy is simple – to behave as they want, as they’ve always have. All that ‘This is our country’, No one tells us what to do in our country’ nationalist racist rubbish. So that when the authorities actually find a pair and fine them, close sections of their midden ground, deduct points, etc, and they as a result face closure they can blame everyone anyone and make Scotland becomes like the north of Ireland. There should not be any no go areas in Scotland but there is. The authorities are pandering to them because they are scared. HH

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