Michael Stewart Should Not Be Standing Alone In Trying To Hold Ibrox To Account.

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Earlier today, I posted a piece on the hacks who attended Friday’s press conference at Ibrox in spite of their fellow “media partners” having been shamed and disgraced.

As necessary as that piece was, to focus on the hacks or even on the fan media goons over there is a distraction from the real issue; the club itself is the problem.

They could have put a stop to all this.

They could have banned Edgar and his podcast entirely.

They could have dug into Dingwall’s repellent bile and similarly dealt with him.

If they wanted to they could really have cleaned house.

They have chosen not to.

Not one word was uttered out of Ibrox in relation to that scandal.

They allowed those “fan media” outlets to viciously attack everyone in their orbit and then gave them free reign at the presser on Friday. As shocking as the hacks who attended it are, the club itself is where the focus ought to lie and that’s why I’m writing about this for the second time today.

Actually the real reason I’m writing about it is the way the media itself has allowed the issue to die, with the bigots and the lunatic fringe over there strengthened and emboldened. This appears not to bother most people in the press, but one man keeps asking questions.

Why is Michael Stewart the only one still taking this seriously?

Why is Michael Stewart standing alone?

There are moves afoot amongst the gutter rats over there to have Stewart removed from his BBC job.

Amazingly, these have been lent a megaphone by the intervention of a politician with a history for pro-Ibrox rhetoric and defending the indefensible.

The pressure these Peepul are going to put on the organisation will be immense.

This is a time when every mainstream journalist should be speaking up in defence of one of their own.

This is a time when the focus should be on the club as Stewart suggests.

Those who went to Ibrox on Friday for that presser are bad enough.

The rest of the media risks being implicated by their stony silence, especially as the attacks on Stewart multiply. He is doing what every one of them should be; he’s asking the difficult questions.

Shame on all those who do not lend him their support, and in particular those who are employed by the same people as he is.

And yes, English et al, I’m talking about you.

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  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Thanks James, enjoyed both articles. We should know by now, sevco only speaks when they KNOW the answers to the pre-arranged questions.
    Even with those pre-arranged questions, I’d wager they’d STILL get them wrong.

    Michael Stewart has already been censored by the beeb on at least 1 occasion, I wonder if they’ll have the balls to actually sack him?

    In fact, ‘censored and sacked’ would make a lovely double at the bookies.

    Great work James…

  • Peter cassidy says:

    Have always said the bigot club has stoked up hatred for years and condoned the vile behaviour of their racists fans with orange shirts etc dup pr the whole system at that bigot club stinks and we have Desmond telling us they are a fantastic club not long ago god help us .

  • Dora says:

    That so called klub are a disgrace to the human race…leave them to it and let them March their faces off whilst the world moves on…fking hillbilly fkwits!!
    Not sure that piggery is capable of embarresing themselves further as it’s hit the barometer of shame on the worldwide stage…what a klub!

  • SSMPM says:

    I know the blog sites, of course that includes you James, are doing their bit by constantly calling this out so can’t argue with you and your colleagues approach and support.
    The idea though that the press risk anything by their stoney silence when they’ve been doing it and/or printing untruths for years seems like a wasted assault. Ultimately we and they know who’s buying into their allusions. As for the the papers of course they are more than cautious because if that rank club’s fans don’t buy their papers then they’ll go bankrupt like a certain club that alludes to 55 titles. Keep up the good work, the last few weeks make for great reading. HH

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