Sevo’s Hagi Story Is Another Barmy Example Of The Nonsense Their Fans Believe.

Image for Sevo’s Hagi Story Is Another Barmy Example Of The Nonsense Their Fans Believe.

Did you read it yet? You really should!

A Romanian site which looks a lot like the Daily Record claims that Hagi is off to Roma in January for £17 million. Apparently Joe Mourinho has been monitoring the SPFL from afar and has zeroed in on the man who can make his team tick.

Even if you didn’t live here, and hadn’t seen Hagi meander around trying to live off his famous father’s name, would you believe a word of that? Would you accept it at face value? Our media has. The Ibrox fan sites are all over it.

And it’s readily apparent to you, me and everyone sane that the story is complete bollocks, that there is no truth to it whatsoever. If Gerrard denies this later today none of us will be surprised, but a half dozen or so journalists should be frantically articles.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that this story has more holes than Swiss Cheese. Mourinho is new to Roma, this is his first campaign. So, he decided on Hagi based on what? The handful of appearances he’s made this season, mostly from the bench?

Give me a break. What planet are our hacks on that they believe this?

Hagi is one of the most over-rated footballers to play in this country in years. Look at the impact our new boy Abada has made in the same position since signing for us; he got his fifth goal last night and he has four assists. In twelve games. That’s impressive.

It must be proper desperation time at Ibrox if they are pumping this stuff into the public domain, and it will be interesting to see how far Gerrard goes along with it. When he’s asked later if this is true listen very carefully to what he actually says.

Ibrox might think it can start an auction here.

More likely is that will give us all an outbreak of the giggles. We’ve heard all this guff from over there before and before and before.

Their record sale since they crawled up of Rangers’ grave remains the reputed £2.5 million they got for Josh Windass in 2019, and even that seems artificially inflated to me.

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