Ahead Of Tomorrow, Ange Has Big Decisions To Make All Over The Celtic Team.

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The game tomorrow is going to be great, just from the point of view of being able to watch Celtic again. In the run-up to it, the manager, who spoke well at the presser today and gave us all some positive injury updates (Mikey Johnson, available for selection; Jullien and Forrest back in training but not yet ready for the team).

Now he has decisions to make, if he hasn’t made them already. The team doesn’t quite pick itself. There are choices open to him at last, options. It will be very interesting to see which of them he opts to go with, and they are all over the pitch.

There are two areas, basically, which pick themselves right now; we have Ralston at right back and Hart in goal. The rest of the team is up for grabs.

Let’s take central defence. We need to pick two of Bitton, Welsh, Starfelt and Cameron Vickers. For me I’d go with Cameron Vickers and Starfelt, that’s a no brainer. But the manager may not agree. If he thinks, for example, that Starfelt isn’t getting it done right now or he wants to try Cameron Vickers in a combination with someone else he may do that.

The same will apply to midfield, where McCarthy has had time to get up to speed and McGregor is now fully fit. Does he drop Rogic, after a tough international travel schedule and play a more defensive player, like McCarthy or Soro or Bitton? Does he give Turnbull a break from the action and push Callum a little further forward?

Does he play Jota on the right and give Johnson a shot out left, which means dropping Abada? Why would he? But he might. If he thinks it will shake the opposition up some.

And the biggest question; who does he play up front? Is this they day he goes with a front two? Does he play Kyogo on the left to give Giakoumakis a shot through the middle? Who does he play on the right hand side? Abada or Jota?

Choices and options, everywhere he looks. Does he go out to play his aggressive attacking game, or does he prepare for a battle, which this very well might be? These are the decisions which could have a dramatic effect on the outcome of the match.

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  • Paul Fitzgerald says:

    Your fascination with Starfelt seems to have more to do with proving people wrong than his talent. He’s gash and we should cut our losses with him

  • Paul Fitzgerald says:

    Your petulant response doesn’t change this fans opinion James. He’s been poor in almost every game, and like Ajeti who you also regularly promote, neither of them have shown that they have the talent to succeed at Celtic.

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