Ange Slaps The Anti-Celtic Media Hard With A Brutal Takedown On Radio.

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Ange Postecoglou delivered one of the hardest slaps to the media that he has yet, when he was asked today if the league table looks better this weekend.

“Well, I thought the Premiership race was over, mate,” he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “So I don’t even look at the table anymore, we just do our own thing.”

Man, that must have felt good.

This guy has been whipped consistently for weeks and even the win against Aberdeen brought not respite just a ridiculous parade of idiots touting other people for his job and predictions that we might finish 3rd, 4th and even 5th.

The man was entitled to that today.

He was entitled to give those people a good hard slap, and I am glad that he isn’t the sort to resist such temptations but to give in to them.

I am glad that the media knows they will always be on thin ice with this guy.

It’s clear that some people inside Celtic have just about had it with this endless narrative of negativity. The manager has certainly taken as much of it as he can stomach, and the comments from Jota before the Aberdeen game shows that the players feel the same.

We shouldn’t need extra fuel to push on in this title race, but Ange and the players are definitely taking something from all these stupid critics and the poisonous atmosphere they’ve tried so hard to create around Celtic. He now knows what it’s all about.

And he’s not prepared to take it on the chin.

This is what you want to see in a manager, and when he sat at the fan presser and he said that he would always fight for the club he was not joking.

That brutal slap-down was exactly the kind of thing we wanted to see on a day when the wind is in our sails and we’re looking like we’ve found our right direction.

This is one of the reasons many of us like this guy so much on a personal level; he’s a bloody good bloke but he eat dirt for anybody.

That, today, was masterful on and off the park.

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  • Seán McManus says:

    It was Brilliant James,
    Love this man..

  • Bryan Coyle says:

    Ange didn’t miss the laptop loyal with that.The guy is already a legend.

  • Nick66 says:

    I feel a fair old helping of humble pie may be on menu as season progresses. Things are starting to feel right just now. As our main rival for the title continue their unbeaten run v Sevco today the current league leaders are showing their true, in front of fans, form. Ange does know how to handle the press, and maybe the league aswell. Let’s not go OTT over a couple of away wins, but things are progressing nicely.

  • JTT says:

    Looks like a man who knows the guys from the Celtic Star were right in that first presser. He knows there’s no point in trying to be friends with the media. Fight your corner mate, good on ya ????

  • SSMPM says:

    It was at last good to hear something of a retaliatory remark but one goose don’t make a summer. Well done Ange but our club, our whole club, leaving it to Ange is simply shameful.
    One brave Celt, one lone soldier’s voice, lifting his head from the bunker to snipe back defensively is all it was. That’s it, that’s all we’ve got at our club. Cowards.
    An attack, a head on fight from our club on the media and institutions from our pathetic board and club representatives would be excellent, not just this, one man abandoned and on your own approach. Non the less well done Ange I truly hope you have started something. I live in hope. HH

  • Tommy McQuillan says:

    Ange has come in and impressed me a hell of a lot James. Like yourself I thought this was our Pedro moment with his appointment but the guy has totally altered that perception in a few short months. He’s got us playing an attacking brand of football that’s beginning to get there and once we’ve had time to perfect it we’ll be a treat to watch and a dangerous animal to play against. If the board are going to back him and he’s intimated that they’re going to we might still win this league yet. I hope he rams it right down their throats if we do. Keevins with his terrible parody Australian accent yesterday was a disgrace and his colleagues laughter prove how bad the smsm are to our club and all the while our club do nothing but accept it. I’d love it if Ange gets the last laugh and if we win the league I’ll be reminding him of yesterday’s shameful abuse. I don’t mind banter but Kevin’s was mocking our manager and that’s not on.

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