Ange Takes On The Responsibility For Rebuilding Celtic As Nobody Else Will.

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A club like Celtic should be able to give its manager options when it comes to the transfer market. Pages and pages of options. A club like Celtic should have lists and shortlists and backup lists and more names on its target documents than the Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces once did. But we’re a shit-show of a club, without a functioning scouting department.

What do you have when you are a dysfunctional shambles, as this club is right now? This board talks of offering leadership, but what a joke that is, and what a joke they are. We have the backstage infrastructure of mid-table battler. This club is being held together with Scotch tape and balling wire right now, and by one man and one man alone.

So it’s only natural that this club defers to him on these matters, and it’s only natural that instead of following their pitiful non-existent lead that he has plans to shop, in January, in a market he knows and which has served him, and this club, well.

I cannot believe how amateurish everything at Celtic has become behind the scenes. How can these people look themselves in the mirror, knowing they are presiding over this utter collapse in standards? They judged McKay on an alleged poor performance, but they are forcing the manager to fall back on his own knowledge and we’re no closer to key appointments in the top tier posts than we were when McKay was allegedly fiddling whilst Rome burned.

The suspicion remains that Nicholson will get the CEO’s job, one for which he has not the remotest qualification or experience. What has this alleged front-man done in the weeks he’s been in post? He’s not given a single interview or even uttered as much as a word. He is in hiding. The CEO of a major operation is not supposed to hide.

The suspicion grows that Strachan will end up in some role at the club on a permanent basis. His ideas are not old so much as they are ancient. Would we really appoint a guy who thinks Scottish people are genetically predestined to failure at football? He’s “consulting” for us on youth football amongst other things, so that kind of lunacy is clearly not disqualifying.

You would be forgiven for suspecting, too, that our manager is not in the least bit impressed by the conduct of his so called superiors and betters, and has decided that they cannot be trusted to fulfil their part of this bargain, and so has decided to fall back on his own knowledge and his own experience and to rely, entirely, on his own judgement.

If so then he’s a smarter man than we realised, and we already knew that he was. Because Ange Postecoglou stands alone as the most professional individual at Celtic Park, and if the perception of his results so far is that he’s failing then maybe it’s because he’s carrying, on his back, the collective dead weight of this abysmal board of directors.

If instead of adding to the squad in January, he could somehow dispense with them, I suspect we’d already be a long way towards home and dry in this league.

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  • Iljas Baker says:

    Great post James. Yes our acting CEO is hiding. Unbelievable. Yes Ange will look to Japan for sure and perhaps elsewhere but will the board fork out? All Celtic fans should keep the pressure on them as far as possible to ensure that they do.

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