Another Ex-Celt “Expert” Sticks The Boot Into Our Team And Our Manager.

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Today Alan Rough, chasing some easily headlines, has become the latest ex-Celt to put the boot into our players and our manager and our club, saying that even with a full-strength team we are not title contenders.

These people think they smell blood in the air and all of that want to appear to be the smartest kids in the class.

The Record is already lapping it up.

What is it with us right now? Is there a smell of weakness about us which makes every two bob hack and ex player with an axe to grind want to take a shot at us?

What is it with these people that not one of them has even a scintilla of loyalty?

Calling Rough an ex-Celt stretches credulity anyway.

He played a handful of games for us, and simply wasn’t good enough to make the grade at Celtic Park.

He’s an expert only in trash-talking. He has no real knowledge of the game; his managerial experience was in the junior leagues.

Still, because he has played (as a goalie) he and others are considered experts.

All I see is another knife in the manager’s back. All I see is another unwarranted attack on this team by a two-bob hack with some prior connection with us, which guarantees headlines. I am becoming increasingly pissed off with these people as many of us are.

Rough’s comments are absolutely idiotic.

He admits that he’s not seen the Greek but dismisses any impact he might make. He accepts that our team is still settling into the new roles the manager wants them to play, but doesn’t believe that there will be any end product. Based on what?

He says that Gerrard has a more settled team and has players who have played together for three or four years; maybe he’s missed that Gerrard has rebuilt his squad three times in that spell, and he’s definitely missed that they won a single trophy out of the last nine.

This club works amidst a swirling vortex of this stuff.

All involved right now need to be made of strong stuff, and to push through this as best they can. We are a much stronger, and much better, team than we’ve shown so far. We are more built for a title challenge that these people appear to believe.

Today we need to start turning this narrative around.

The sooner we shut these people up the better.

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  • David Gardner says:

    Completely over the top reaction to Rough who is absolutely right Celtic have not shown anything yet and it will take a massive turnaround as only Forrest is the really class player we are waiting to recover, I believe Celtic can do it but it’s going to take anamazing turnaround.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Rough was a neighbour of my brother in Cumbernauld years back, my brother said to me-

    ‘he may well be a Scottish international goalkeeper but, he’s World class in talking shite.’

    ie.Best ignored.

  • JP says:

    He was a fat, lazy GK, same as a pundit, his opinion means nada, along with the others sticking their oars and boots in. We can form our own opinions around our Club, the rest is just white noise. Also, his middle name is Roderick, nuf said.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Celts have 2nd best defensive record in premier league behind Dundee Utd. HH

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