Ex-Celtic Player Picks A New Target For His Continued Deranged Ranting.

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It wouldn’t be a new week without Frank McAvennie picking on a new target. Sometimes I think this guy buys the Celtic calendar every year and goes through each player on it, one at a time, and slags them off until he’s got the full set.

This weekend it’s the turn of Mikey Johnston, and as per usual his comments read as especially daft and ridiculous in light of current events. Mikey is back in the team, and yesterday put in a very decent cameo against St Johnstone and was unlucky not to score.

But McAvennie was vocal in his belief that the player has no future at the club. He has “been here too long” apparently, which I fail to understand at all. It seems to me a typical example of McAvennie saying the first thing that comes into his head.

This guy’s village idiot act becomes more pronounced all the time.

When the manager brought Mikey on yesterday it was obvious that he did so became he actually rates the player, and if it’s a choice between trusting Ange’s judgement and that of this clown I know whose verdict I place the greater store in.

It really is a joke that we have to respond to this constantly, and with a different player in the crosshairs every single week.

I honestly cannot imagine what we did to this guy to make him such a constant, and venomous, critic and really it’s not that important. He is poisonous. His behaviour is increasingly deranged and his columns increasingly disconnected from reality.

Mikey Johnston has just recovered from a series of injuries. He is trying to win a place in a Celtic team where the competition on his side of the pitch is fierce, but this boy has all the talent in the world and simply needs a bit of luck for once.

If McAvennie would rather put the boot into this kid than show him some support, that tells you everything about where his priorities lie.

Ange has included the winger in his last two squads; that shows you the faith he has in the player.

That’s good enough for most of us.

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  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Whrsh ra Burds??

  • Legend07 says:

    The guy is a complete clown why does he not go and try and find the treasure he was looking for when customs and excise took his hundred grand!!

  • un reconsructed fenian says:

    Mc Avennie talks more shite in a minute than i could move with a jcb in a month he’s best treated like class clown the more you react the more he clowns around

  • John says:

    James,dont know why you give this guy any space on your blog.Do you think anyone takes note of anything this fool says?.certainly not Ange. Seems to think he’s an expert on all things Celtic. Somebody must be paying him well to spout this p*sh

  • Martin says:

    Mcavevvie is a cartoon character who can take this guy seriously he should stick to Vronis on a a Saturday afternoon.

  • John S says:

    Did anyone spot the inconsistency in BBC Scotland’s analysis of the most recent Huns’ penalty award ? There was no discussion over the fact that no contact was made by the Buddies’ player, yet the broadcaster contrived to show a slow-motion-stop angle and circling in red where it appeared to look like contact was made. Why would an ‘impartial’ broadcaster be doing that ?

  • Geoff says:

    Nobody reads this crap so why do you continually highlight it?

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Why write about what that coke head has said its all complete and utter tripe stop giving him our time on here.

  • Tom Finesy says:

    he’s a cokehead, why give him airspace?

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