VAR Will Be Dreadful For Celtic’s Enemies … And Chris Sutton Knows It.

Image for VAR Will Be Dreadful For Celtic’s Enemies … And Chris Sutton Knows It.

Today one of the dumber Ibrox fan-sites was gleeful over the VAR meeting, and wrote it up as if it was their club’s idea, as if the concept itself sprung from a Sevconian brain.

“We have a seat at the table!” this site screamed from its headline, as if there weren’t another eleven seats around that table, one for every team in the league.

I cannot understand what it is that they are so happy about.

This is the best thing to happen to our club – ours, not theirs – in years.

This is a game-changer. How many key decisions in their games have wound up being reversed by the compliance officer? How many elbows and fly kicks and nasty little off the ball incidents have been “missed” by officials only to be caught later?

How many dodgy penalties? How many bent red cards? How many 50/50’s that refs “got wrong” in the “heat of the moment.”

This is what Celtic fans have clamoured for a long, long time. This is what we’ve always said would make a difference.

I know some of our fans still don’t believe that.

But we will force refs either to make the right decisions or to defend the really diabolical, unfathomable ones. Imagine if Beaton has to watch the same thing five or six times and trying to get away with making a dodgy call?

Perhaps then we’d get some real scrutiny of the whole process and even reform.

Celtic fans should be over the moon, and one of our former players in the media knows it and summed it up quite brilliantly tonight.

His central point is correct, of course; that big IF.

But he is in the media, and so it’s up to him and to people like him to see that it is.

It’s up to them to put that pressure on officials who, even with the benefit of technology, still “get things wrong.”

It is up to people like him to press for answers … he has a mainstream gig, he can use it to see that proper implementation happens. This is one of the reasons I believe that this will work. Too many people are watching.

If some on the other side of the city think that kind of scrutiny will end up in their favour, I reckon they are dead wrong.

This is a good day for Celtic, and big Sutton is well aware of that.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    No more willie collum and his ilk awarding penalties against Celts, while facing the opposite direction. HH

  • Nick66 says:

    ‘IF’, that’s the main Q. If i am correct then VAR is used to advise the referee that he should look at a decision that needs reviewed. I’m aware that goals will be looked at -offside anthe likes-but, and this is the big but, the VAR panel can decide not to highlght a foul not given cann basically ignore what they like and likewise prompt fouls that favour another team. As i say, goals and pens get automatic review, ends the offsides. However, reviewing other calls can go astray. Such as the Starfelt pen-highlighted by CBN in their new “honest mistakes” blogs. The Yorkshire Whisler pointed out that akthough our lad did commit a foul that would lead to a pen, had the ref blown for the foul previous then that would negate the pen shout. So what i say is the VAR mob can infuence what the raf reviews. PARANOID, your right, paranoid enough?

  • Joseph says:

    Wonder howany rangers supporting ref will quit the game

    • Dora says:

      And imagine referees weren’t allowed to be a Whistler anywhere near where the hunny Whistler resides…normal protocol one would assume in most countries, imagine that going on down south???

  • Iaon says:

    Yes I agree with some of the points, re penalties etc, but VAR is not usually used for free kicks, cards etc so more or less will still be getting away with his ‘tricks’, mind you we should not worry, after all he is on the way to Barca or Newcastle with Slippy

    • Dora says:

      Love it Laon, I heard that too re stevie…what a mng he is-1 trophy after all that magic money treed millions pumped into de wangers…sure it’s no wonder every club on the planet acknowledges stevies wonder show…if st Johnstone had stevos 10s of millions they would av got a double at least so I wish stevy slipy big balled kid the very best in his next venture….good kid our Steve always!

  • Richard Bow says:

    Think I would hold back on the trumpets till we see how the panel is made up .
    Dougal ,Clarke etcwill have their noses in the trough and they will be no better than when on duty back in the day .
    We are silent now and will still be silent when var decisions are cherry picked to suit the agenda .
    Sorry to be negative

  • John says:

    the same bent referees will monitor VAR and the outcome will be the same. SFA SPFL are all corrupt. Its time for our club to challenge this in a big way. somebody needs to stand up at our club and call it out. Why are we afraid to challenge these cheating b**tar*s?

  • Jim Duffy says:

    What if the people who are looking at the VAR footage are cut from the same cloth as our referees are ,what’s going to change they’ll watch the VAR replays with the same bigoted orange cheating as the referees do.we need to get officials out with Scotland to check VAR that way we will be assured of fair unbiased scrutiny but to leave to Scottish refs it defeats the purpose ,a blind man could see that.if the VAR panel decide an obvious red card ie Morelos is not a red card regardless how many times they watch it ,who in parochial orange bigoted Scotland is going argue with the people who watch the VAR ,ie Lanarkshires finest ,with probably Hugh Dallas as head of VAR committee.Its GOT to be judged by people outside of Scotland or it means nowt.

  • Jason says:

    They will still be as corrupt as ever, even with VAR

  • Peterkeegan says:

    100%on the money refs are all anti celtic and now big sooty has the perfect platform to call them all out HailHail

  • Stephen Sherry says:

    Im sorry James, but the same minds at the SFA who
    still maintain that Sevco are RFC will have no problem deciding that what they see on the screen is the same as they have decided happened on the pitch, even when its quite clearly wrong! The SFA would not touch VAR with a barge pole if they were not CERTAIN that it could be corrupted to suit their favourite club!

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