Why Is This Press Letting An Ignorant Bigot Lecture Us On The Use Of VAR?

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I don’t care what job Hugh Dallas has at UEFA.

As far as I’m concerned, his employment there means that either the SFA lied to them about why he was terminated when they gave him the inevitable reference or their own anti-bigotry agenda is a smokescreen whilst they employ the worst sort of people inside their own walls.

Hugh Dallas is a bigot. He was fired for being a bigot.

Furthermore, he used the moment of the referees strike to try to engineer himself an escape from the disciplinary hearing which was due to decide that. Hugh Dallas is everything that’s wrong with Scottish football and he is everything that we need VAR to counter.

That The Daily Record thinks it is appropriate – and that the PLZ Football Show thought it was appropriate – to ask for his views on VAR is scandalous.

How can we take the rags seriously when they try to lecture other countries and other associations on this stuff when this man is still feted and treated as someone worthy of our respect?

Dallas ought to be a pariah around the sport in this country and that he isn’t tells you everything you need to know about how seriously those involved in it really take racism, sectarianism and bigotry.

Dallas is a disgraced figure.

Nothing will change that. Not even ignoring it.

His comments on VAR are risible, by the way.

He says it wouldn’t have been used either to decide whether the Porteous tackle was a red card or to decide whether Aberdeen should have conceded a penalty in midweek.

If it’s not to decide those things then I have to ask what the actual point in installing it at great cost to our clubs is in the first place?

I have seen VAR be used to give rulings on those very issues; the clue is in the name. Video Assistant Referee. For someone who’s supposed to be a senior official at UEFA he doesn’t seem to have the first clue about this stuff, or he’s deliberately misleading people.

There are four categories which VAR can assist a referee on.

You ready for this Dallas? You paying attention? Here we go.

1) Goal / No Goal.
2) Penalty / No Penalty. So there’s one right there.
3) Direct Red Card. And there’s the other.
4) Mistaken Identity Involving Red Or Yellow Card.

So what in God’s name is this halfwit talking about?

Even if it were somehow legitimate to seek the opinion of someone who left this game washed up and scandalised for his bigotry it’s surely not legitimate to let him simply talk garbage? Are the people on that show too damned lazy to look this up?

Are the staff at The Daily Record too damned lazy to look it up?

Honest to God, the more you cover the media the more rancid you see that it is here in this country.

On no account should we be seeking the views of such a man, even if he has his facts correct or didn’t appear to be engaged in wilful deception.

The debate over VAR did not need his input.

It certainly does not benefit from what is either his colossal ignorance or utter dishonesty.

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  • Edward Eadie says:

    as usual James thus is spot on. dallas should be keeping his neck in but it just tells you everything about this little country really

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Seems to me that being corrupt is prerequisite for the job @both UEFA & FIFA…

    Both corrupted to their core.

    So, this is no real surprise, well; it shouldn’t be for any fitba fans that’ve paying attention, nothing will ever change until All Clubs stand together a one and say, enough is enough

    And that’s nowhere near the agenda atm.

  • Barry says:

    Very well put James and needed said??
    Programmes whether on TV or You Tube about Scottish football are a joke and full of fictional rubbish and propaganda favouring the bigots at £brokes that Joseph Goerbels would be proud of. All the more reasons why we need blogs/forums like your own & 67 Hail Hail, Celtic Star, etc…

    PLZ sold their soul a long time ago and is just an hour long grandstand for the racist and delinquent out there to spout their hatred bile, while Peter is just so happy for the increase in viewers (which is another fib).

    Death to the SMSM…Long Live the Celtic Blogs/Forums/Podcasts, as that’s where you’ll hear the truth, whether it’s good, bad or indifferent. You don’t always have to agree with what you say/print, but I believe it’s written with honesty and integrity at heart, which is a breath of fresh air alone.

    It’s akin to asking

    • Barry says:

      I was going to add it’s akin to asking Blair & Bush for their advice on world peace, but forgot to finish it…?

      Keep up the good work!!!

  • Justshatered says:

    I think you miss the point.
    That is the way it will be used in Scotland.
    Excuses will be found to award The Rangers penalties or have opposition goals chopped off meanwhile no decision of theirs will be reviewed.

  • George Kerr says:

    That’s blighted while the BIGOT Dallas is in there. The guy is a complete and utter nonce. His name stinks as a CORRUPT official and is a stuttering drunk. VAR will stink if his stench of hypocrisy. Get him out of any decision process.

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