Celtic Fans Rally Round Michael Stewart After Latest BBC Sports Scotland Shocker.

Image for Celtic Fans Rally Round Michael Stewart After Latest BBC Sports Scotland Shocker.

Last night, BBC Sports Scotland embarrassed itself with three pundits agreeing with John Beaton that the penalty kick at Ibrox was warranted.

It is one of the most ridiculous decisions some of us have seen in a long time, and to hear the panellists debating the “merits” of it was cringe-inducing.

What, I wondered, could have motivated them to do so?

And then I went on Twitter and found out that Michael Stewart is in the midst of another of those spells where the BBC seems reluctant to put him on the show. Could it be that a little too much truth comes out of his mouth at times, and his bosses get very antsy about that?

Celtic fans leapt to the defence of the man, and why shouldn’t we?

Stewart criticises us when that is earned, and although I often find myself disagreeing with his take on certain things he is honest and forthright and never gratuitous in his comments.

The BBC is making a major mistake in benching this guy, especially if their reason for doing so is that he’s offended certain Peepul. They are offended over everything. They cannot take criticism in any form, no matter how objective or warranted it might be.

Stewart remains the best pundit on radio or television in the country.

If the BBC top brass is oblivious to that then they can stick Kris Boyd back on and see what that does for their credibility.

They either want to be taken seriously or viewed as a joke, and that last night was a joke.

Shelly Kerr is a regular onscreen if what you watch is RangersTV and McFadden says one sensible thing in a hundred or so years. Steven Thompson just wants to keep his job.

It was incredibly hard to take that seriously last night, and all the more so knowing that Stewart could have been on there instead to offer a better analysis, and one less motivated by fear or bias.

BBC Sports Scotland’s editorial line has become increasingly suspect, as I’ve written several times in the past few weeks, but last night’s was a whole different level of awful. Longing for Michael Stewart is one thing; that had me longing for Tom English.

That’s how dreadful it was.

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  • John S says:

    If you analyse the footage you will see that a particular slow-mo-stop image from a disadvantageous angle was used to give a false impression of contact. This isn’t simply error or bias but actual manipulation intended to distort. It goes ‘higher’ than just the presenters.

  • Hugh Coyle says:

    Stewart also supports independence which is another reason for bbc to punish him and us. They are neither fair nor objective in their reporting.

  • SSMPM says:

    Spot on though I’m equally if not more surprised by the lack of scrutiny of the Lewis Ferguson clean tackle for their ‘free’ kick that led to the first goal. What a freebie it turned out to be. Not even analysed on sportscene, that’s as you say John is editing manipulation of the highest (orange) order well above the straw heads of Thompson, Fuddy and HunKerr. Stewart is really up against it and credit to the man, at times, for his swimming against the tide honesty. But James – Tom English. Now that’s funny. HH

  • John S says:

    Aside from the undeserved penalty, the Morelos ‘goal’ was also offside from the free-kick (not commented upon) and the additional 5 minutes was eked out until the end of the Rangers*’ attack. Consider the value of qualifying for the Champions’ League (broadcasters, presenters, referees, SFA appointees) and you will see this is no small-time operation but a consensus or bias and corruption. There has to be a thorough and independent inquiry into the constitution of the governing body.

  • Laurie Burns says:

    It’s simple, don’t watch bbc or listen to hun loving pundits, I never do and don’t believe I am missing anything. Likewise Daily Record etc. Hit where it hurts, view, listen and pay figures dropping is only way.

  • Jim Trainer says:

    To be fair all the guy’s on Sportsound after the games said it was a deplorable decision.

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Clearly they’re told whit tae say b4 broadcasting as Richard Gordon & Foster (ex Hun) baith agreed it wiz NEVER A PEN! McFudden is just that.. A Fud whereas the Ugly Hun Bint is just that an UGLY HUN BINT!! Thompson is still struggling wae English & is up there wae Raman Barjiwarji in fawning oor the FILTH whilst talking UTTER SHITE!!

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    I watched it this morning and couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing, Fuddie mumbling how to justify a blatant wrong. Pathetic that’s why I record sportscene.

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