Celtic Fans Should Be Glad For Vaccine Passports However Poorly Implemented.

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This weekend will mark the start of the use of vaccine passports in Scotland.

The same scheme is being used in Wales.

It is being used all across Europe.

Mandatory vaccination is used in certain employment sectors.

It is increasingly being seen as a solution in many countries.

Idiots who see this as an excuse for Nat-bashing should learn to wind their necks in.

Vaccine passports are a good idea. There is no real reason why people who can get vaccinated should not do so.

People talk about their rights being infringed and other such guff; I ask you, do they disobey national seatbelt laws? Those exist for the protection of the user, just as vaccination laws do, and unless I’m crazy nobody complains about them.

Vaccine passports protect fellow fans, as well as those who are forced to get vaccinated.

They are a social good.

They are a positive policy that should be embraced.

People can complain about a little inconvenience; they are complaining about a measure that saves life. That’s the long and short of it.

These things will save lives, maybe even your own.

I am not happy with the policy as it has been implemented. It’s too scattergun. I think you either implement these things all the way or not at all.

Furthermore, as someone who goes to home games, I think a little disruption is a small price to pay for us all being able to go to the football again and these things ought to have been checked for every supporter who wanted to go through a turnstile.

How hard can it be? You show the status on your phone or you give your piece of paper; no different to what someone taking your ticket used to be in days gone by. No more of a problem.

I’ve seen routine tickets checks at Hampden and in Germany.

I’ve seen Celtic Park implement a search policy that got every supporter, in the aftermath of terrorist atrocities. None of this is new.

A little inconvenience is not a problem when the objective is to protect public safety.

Most people will gladly endure it, if they believe the cause is right.

I have no problem with vaccine passports except the half-assed way the government has introduced them.

I am grateful for their implementation, however lacking and limited the policy might be.

I worry about people close to me who have compromised immune systems and I am glad that the government is doing something to offer them an extra level of protection; I wish they were doing a hell of a lot more. I’d be in favour of mandatory vaccination and failing that with vaccine passports being used in a variety of other settings. Anything to save as many lives as we can.

There are some who will rage at Celtic for putting these rules in place; Celtic didn’t do that.

It was the Scottish Government who did. If you want to be angry at someone, direct your anger there instead of at the club but try to work through whatever it is that you’re angry about.

A disruption you haven’t yet suffered?

A wait you’ve not had to endure?

The minor inconvenience of having to download something to your phone in case you need it?

Let it all out now, so that you can be calm about it when there is some poor sod in front of you asking for your patience and tolerance.

Those folks don’t deserve that, so spare them it.

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  • Gee says:

    Here’s the only exemption you require.

    It’s illegal to force any medication on anyone….furthermore, it’s a breach of international law…its a breach of human rights….and you were not given permission to remove anyone’s rights or freedoms.

    Restricting people who refuse the experimental jab is discrimination….and to tell anyone they must be jabbed to protect the public is a lie…having the jab does NOT prevent you catching or spreading the virus… really by giving that advice you are giving false and potentially deadly advice.

    Why can people not see this for the lie it is ?

    • James Forrest says:

      Absolute nonsense.

      People in intensive care DON’T get asked what treatment they want. Schoolchildren are routinely vaccinated without being asked for consent and their parents aren’t even technically allowed to refuse as the kids won’t be educated otherwise.

    • Biffo67 says:

      100% Dunning-Kruger

  • Biffo67 says:

    100% Dunning-Kruger

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