Celtic Fought For The Points On Sunday. That Tells You Something Important.

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Of all the questions we asked ourselves about this Celtic team in the last few months, the most important, by far, was this; was this team capable of grinding it out?

Was this one of these teams which either showed up and blew the opposition away or dropped points because we didn’t have it in us to fight when that was necessary for the win?

I thought Sunday answered that question to a certain extent, and it was a good answer, it was the kind of answer we wanted and even needed. This team showed a willingness and an ability to dig deep, and that’s important going forward.

Be honest, how many us looked at that forward line and thought “these guys seem like a little lightweight up against that defence”? I know it’s been a concern of mine since the start of the campaign, even accounting for our early wins.

In the rough and tumble of a difficult away game, I worried we’d struggle.

As it turns out, all three of them were willing to battle for the points. Jota and Kyogo looked particularly up for it, with the kid from Portugal especially exciting to watch. He seemed to relish the battle. He seemed to grow more determined as the game went on.

Our fears on that front come from having seen it all before.

There are a lot of players who have passed through our club in recent years who were great individual talents, capable of match winning brilliance but who were passengers on those days when you needed to marry craft with graft.

Elyounoussi was a great case in point.

If he was a consistent performer who was willing to work his balls off for the team, then making a move for him as a permanent signing would have been a no-brainer. As it is, you can already tell that Jota will be worth every penny.

Putting the extra defensive midfielder on the pitch was an important tactical decision from the boss.

He has realised that there are games where you have to sacrifice a little bit of flair. It was a good call, and a positive step … although I have to admit, it was also part of the reason we lacked a little something in the final third.

Every tactical decision is a balancing act.

This manager, who has only been in the job a short time as is trying to integrate a lot of players, is learning as he goes … but he is learning, and you can see that. He’s learning what these players can do, what this team can do, and what it can’t.

We’re watching a team evolve right in front of us.

And what we’ve just learned is that they are up for a fight.

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  • Mark B says:

    Yesterday we won when we probably should have drawn…second half Aberdeen were better. I agree our side is too small…..hence why Rangers will continue to score set pieces against us…they have in nearly all of the last 8 games. Our full backs especaily are too small…compare to Tavernier and Barasic at over 6ft. Even our centre halves are not 6ft 2 or 3 but 6ft. So for me we are way too lightweight for the Scottish League…or Europe. And of course all together now “we need a left back, centre half and defensive midfielder”….all over 6ft please. Whoever scouted Ajeti should be fired. Buying from the EPL is a mistake very poor value for money. Holland, Croatia, Japan, Scandanavia all better markets for us.

    • Boab says:

      The two new club players are

      James Tavernier
      Height: 1.75 m Feet 5.57743

      Borna Bariši?
      1.86 M Feet 6.102362

      Hardly big players and when have they caused us a threat in the air.

      • Mark B says:

        This is why I love these comments. James Tavernier is clearly 5ft 5. Check wiki he’s 6ft. Balogun Helander Goldson Barasic Tavernier Bassey. All tall. Lustig Julien Boyata Ajer Van Dyke simunovic at the heart of our recent 9 in a row all very tall. Of course we can have a mix McGrain was incredible but all our defence today is relatively small.

  • Boab says:

    We beat a team desperate for points and a team who considered us to have weaknesses to exploit, however, the fact they have lost all their games in an indifferent run, meant we knew what their game plan would be and would exploit it. think they set up with 4 1 4 1 Broonie been the guy protecting the midfield and defence.

    Celtic played well and have been unlucky in most SPFL games, this game turned in our fortunes and hard graft decided the score, the never say die attitude.

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