Celtic Has No Use For The “Moral High Ground” In Ongoing Ticket Dispute.

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Alison McConnell thinks that Celtic should reach out across the city and offer them tickets for the game at Parkhead in January. Apparently, we should aim for the moral high ground.

What a ridiculous argument.

What good is the moral high ground to us? Who are we trying to impress?

The media? Who have blamed us for this right from the start?

Is McConnell truly trying to say that we’d get credit for having done it? No-one believes that.

Will we win it at the SPFL, who could have interceded in this debate ages ago and chose to leave it up to the clubs themselves?

What do we get for being morally upstanding as far as they are concerned? A medal?

Absolutely SFA, that’s what we’ll get.

The moral high ground won’t do us any good in future negotiations with the club across the city either.

Because they don’t have the same morality as we do. They will exploit any effort we make at basic fairness. They see negotiation as weakness, and they will see a backtrack on this as proof that our club doesn’t have the bottle for the battle.

Celtic fans know what the club is up against, and so none of us will welcome a victory if it manifests itself in some ephemeral, worthless piece of real estate. We want them deprived of tickets for the coming game.

We would rather they were never allowed back in Celtic Park again, but we understand the reality of these things in normal times.

So no credit from the media, no honours from the governing bodies, no respect from the club who caused all this and nothing but aggro from the fans; all this so we can say “well we did the right thing.”

God, where do we sign up for a deal like that?

Nowhere. This suggestion was stupid the first time some dumb hack tried to make it and it’s stupid now. Celtic has to see this thing through, and push it as far as we can. Notice that nobody ever suggests that the other lot do something for the moral high ground.

Christ, you could laugh your way into a hernia at the very idea of it.

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  • Seppington says:

    “Notice that nobody ever suggests that the other lot do something for the moral high ground?”

    They’d have to tunnel up to get to the moral basement first. Getting tot he moral high ground would requires bringing light to the darkness and we all know they don’t do that over Ibrokes way…

  • Charles says:

    Why should we take the moral high ground. You could not make this up. Sevco do it to us and because we reciprocate we get the blame from the media and every person who has an accsoitation with the club that died. They were fed up with us constantly winning at there dirty ground so shut us out. You cant be the bigger person when the people you are trying to appease dont give two flying ducks what you say or do.

  • The Shugstar says:

    Spot on James!
    Morality and Sevco = Oil and Water!

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Celtic, along with every other spfl club, already have the moral high ground over Sevco, for as they have repeatedly proven, they have no morals, none whatsoever.
    They broke it…they can fix it.
    Do not yield Celtic.

  • Michael Miller says:

    So true we should give them nothing we don’t expect anything from them the SFA or the SPFL.
    So I am for banning them from entering Paradise ,whether in these times or any other time .

  • John says:

    I, for one, wil be bitterly disappointed if we give them any tickets. They started this stupidity. They have no morals and would not trust them in future negotiations. I will never miss seeing them in our ground with their vile bigoted sectarian chants.

  • Tommy McQuillan says:

    Again 100% correct James give them nothing. I actually liked the fact they refused us entry to Ipox as it meant our support was safe. Their new mantra “all taig’s are targets” means they’re becoming more militant than Rangers 1872 ever were. I know the deceased Ipox club was bad but these sevconians have proved time and time again the laws of the land mean nothing to them and all ably facilitated by Police Scotland for good measure. A while ago after their second assault on George Square in May it looked like Civic Scotland were showing an appetite for tackling the mutants who follow that Ipox club but as usual it was lip service again. So as far as they’re concerned why should we show the moral high ground to a club and support without any morals as you point out in your piece. Some say it ruins the atmosphere but 50,000 singing the sash and no surrender on August 29th, clearly audible on commentary, but denied by the media and press means we can all do without that kind of atmosphere.

  • SSMPM says:

    Who exactly gets to decide what the moral high ground is? This move would not be it. As far as I’m concerned we should take the moral high ground and continue to ban them from Paradise for their behaviour. HH

  • Jorge says:

    Quite unusual to get unanimous response on football matters, but at the time of writing, 100% of commenters on here are appalled at the suggestion of taking the ‘moral high ground’ – what utter p!sh. Give them eff all tickets – ever!

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