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Celtic Has Regained The Fear Factor And Every Club In Scotland Is Feeling It.

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I wrote earlier on about how our rivals are running scared of this Celtic team in the way they are lobbying for special exemptions for their players who are due to go and take part in the African Cup at the end of the year, but of course they aren’t the only folk who are seriously afraid of this Celtic team and what it can do when it hits its stride.

Fear is written on every opponent who comes up against us at the present time.

All the clubs are afraid of us again.

All the nonsensical talk, all the lunatic nonsense, of third, fourth or even fifth place finishes has been silenced, utterly, as cold reality takes over.

Celtic are again a powerhouse of a side, and will only get stronger as this season progresses.

We will only get stronger as Ange’s plan more and more takes shape.

Right now we’re in early doors, but you can already see from the ways teams in Scotland line up against us that they are more about trying to contain us these days than with providing us with serious opposition. St Johnstone and the last couple of sides to come to Celtic Park have attempted damage limitation.

So did Aberdeen and Motherwell.

None of these teams is confident of really laying a glove on us.

Now that we’ve got a settled team again and we’re playing good football we’re more of a threat than we have been in a long time and the more this team adapts to the style – and every day we get closer – the more dangerous we will look to those clubs arrayed against us.

I remember one commentator earlier this season boasting on how the “fear factor has gone” from our club.

Nobody is talking that nonsense anymore either.

Before the return of any trophies, we have back one of our most prized possessions.

Teams are scared of us again. And they should be.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    OK, I’ll bite.

    Bit premature – IMO – about “fear factor” returning.

    Yes, the team seems to be doing OK.

    But, after a 10 or 12 game winning streak I would then agree that any opposing team should feel the fear factor.

    We are going in the right direction, and hopefully that continues.

    But, it’s a long season… and it’s a funny old game.

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