Celtic Now Has The Momentum. We Need To Ride It All The Way To New Year.

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At last, things are going our way. At last the tables have turned. On Saturday we have a chance to go top of the table; who would have thought that might happen this soon when we went six points behind the weekend of the Dundee Utd match?

We are now on a good run of form. It has to continue.

We have to push ever harder now to make sure that we are in pole position when the rag-bag mob from across town comes to Celtic Park in January. This wave of momentum has to be ridden all the way into New Year.

Because the flipside of it is a run of fixtures every bit as grim as we just came out of.

Of course, we’ll be much better placed to navigate them by then, and with a few signings we should be stronger than we’ve been in quite some time. If we already have a lead in the league we will run the table, and at that point the Ibrox “challenge” will collapse.

Of course, that depends on us being able to keep on doing what we’re doing at the moment; winning games, especially on the road, and building that goal difference. Our defensive record has been the subject of much scrutiny, but our offensive stats cannot be denied, only feared. We scored three last night, but it could have been a lot more.

The fixture list on this end is good to us, certainly in comparison to the fixture list from which we’ve just emerged. But because we face the same sort of tough run after January it is imperative that we secure as many points as we can in this run.

The fixture list for the club across the city is already the subject of much fearful debate. They also worry about losing first team players in January and not being able to replace them … the opposite of our own expectations.

This, now, is the time to put a foot on their throat.

Starting with the coming weekend.

We have the momentum. We must now press home the advantage.

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  • SSMPM says:

    I agree with what your saying James though our displays and results may depend on fairness, ref’s decision making, ie honest mistakes in favour of one club, and our players not being crippled with injuries from the tackles allowed upon them currently.
    We are playing like a Celtic team should though. I’m amazed at our progress in this ‘transitional’ year. .All credit to them. Ange and the bhoys have risen like the cream in a sour bitter tasting league. You sir may just be right. God I hope so. But if you want to avoid suspension You too need to be careful James putting the boot on their throats will earn you a red card. That would be a shame cause atm you’re playing really well. HH

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