Celtic, Our Rivals And Selective Editing And Scrutiny From BBC Sports Scotland.

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Last night, as ever, I tuned into BBC Sports Scotland to see how they would cover the weekend’s games. I thought it might be a particular joy since there were obviously two good results and a few different incidents to go over. It was an oddly frustrating experience.

The match at the home of our rivals was first; the footage was badly skewed. One of the most serious talking points of the match – a knee high challenge which resulted only in a yellow card – was wholly absent from the highlights package.

I found this incredible coming after the acres of odium that were poured onto a Hibs player who was sent off for a far less violent tackle. Indeed, I think the complete absence of that incident in the highlights is suspect. It poses questions maybe the media doesn’t want to ask and which others sure as Hell don’t want to have to answer.

You know, we all know that the media has been replaced by the bloggers in the realms of making and setting opinions and trends. But they still have command over the “national conversation”, because they can decide what subjects are “worthy” of discussion, and when a high profile incident like that is left out of that discussion we are entitled to ask whose interests are being served. Not those of the football public at large, that’s for sure.

Another incident that was ignored – although it was, at least, shown and is an obvious debating point – was an early penalty claim for Hearts.

Now you see how much attention is being drawn to the handball incident at Fir Park. Isn’t it curious that the one at the home of our rivals was almost completely brushed aside as being of no consequence at all? That was a highly contentious moment in the match, one that could – unlike ours – have changed the whole nature of the game.

Finally, the incident at the end where a home player wrapped his hand around an away player’s throat, the incident for which Robbie Neilson was sent to the stand, was a clear red card and how the ref deemed that a yellow is something he ought to be asked to explain.

BBC Sports Scotland deemed that unworthy of further discussion. You got the impression they only showed it to explain why Neilson was fuming at the end and why he wasn’t on the touchline to watch his team get their equalising goal.

Three major incidents, who’s outcomes favoured one side, the home side. None of them given the microscopic scrutiny which a single incident at Fir Park got. Let’s talk about our game now, and the way the BBC chose to cover that.

Let’s start with how they opened the segment on Celtic. We’d just won a second tough away match on the bounce, and closed the gap at the top of the league. Their anchor opened the segment after the highlights by asking if Kyogo was a hatchet man and should Motherwell have had a foul in the run up to Celtic’s opening goal.

What a nasty, spiteful little thing to start the discussion about the game with. What a disgrace. None of the two studio panellists agreed with that characterisation, and both dismissed the incident out of hand. But that the anchor chose that to start with is telling.

As has been discussed already, the debate over the Motherwell penalty claim is entirely false, conducted on a premise that is thoroughly dishonest.

The Motherwell manager thinks VAR would have changed the game; not that much, as it would have afforded Celtic a free-kick for their player’s handball a second before the one with Bolingoli.

Even with the benefit of TV evidence, the BBC chose not to highlight that at all, and it was entirely airbrushed from the discussion. Which is remarkable.

There was, of course, a third highly contentious incident in that game, involving a shocking tackle on David Turnbull, which I forget to include in the article earlier on but which I’m happy to include in this one.

This was also not deemed worthy of a proper examination.

We’re talking here about six incidents, all treated in very different ways from some of what we’ve seen in the past. One penalty claim was debated although it was groundless. The other was ignored although it was much closer.

Three violent incidents were either ignored completely or mentioned in passing and there was talk of whether our opener should have counted.

That was the BBC’s coverage of the two big games over the weekend.

In our game the highlights were put together and debated so that Celtic was denied a proper shake. Nobody in their right mind can claim that the Hearts game got proper scrutiny and we all know who benefited from that.

It is not – it cannot be – a coincidence that these matches were covered in these ways, there’s too much leaning in one direction for that not to be down to editorial prioritising.

So we’re entitled to ask who put that together, and how those choices were arrived at.

We’re entitled to wonder who had final say.

Who did Celtic up, and denied Hearts the examination their own incidents warranted?

The Loyalist PR across the city, or one of the many, many EBT recipients who have trooped through the doors of the BBC over the years … or someone else?

I suggest that someone else is working in the wrong building.

If the tax-payer funded organisation is going to shill for these Peepul, Celtic fans are fully entitled to consider our expensive satellite and streaming subscription packages as the final word on what we have to pay.

Celtic fans certainly ought not to have to pay for this.

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  • CHRIS says:

    Richard Wilson, diehard hun, I believe he does the editorial work for the sports dept.

  • Tonydtic says:

    I’ve had the Ange stance for a while now, only watch one team, pay no attention to other results and for me there is no “rangers” in the league. The 55 shite along with 150 glorious years of bigotry has turned me off watching even my own team of late and the only thing that’s rekindled my interest has been watching guys like kyogo and jota in the hoops. Besides that I can’t see past the game being rigged

  • JTT says:

    There’s a clue on the name of said organisation.

  • Roonsa says:

    I picked up on the Turnbull challenge right away. I was pissed in a Cetic pub in Spain watching it and I remembered it as being Rogic who got clugged but I do remember saying to my fellow boozed up viewers that there is NO WAY that tackle would get the same scrutiny as the Porteous challenge in which the MSM bent over backwards to justify the resulting red card. It is so blindingly obvious that the match analysis for us and them are held to massively differing standards. The only thing we can do is stick to the blogs and end the contracts which line their pockets. I don’t want to pay for this anymore. Sky and the Beeb can both GTF.

  • Mick says:

    If there is any doubt of BBC bias, then read Archie Mc Pherson’s story about Big Jock and Blue Peter. Nearly 60 odd years may have passed, but nothing has changed

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Stopped paying years back, not a penny more for the blatantly bias craporation.

  • SSMPM says:

    I’ve gone political here. There ought to be some way that these corrupt organisation should be scrutinised and held accountable. I blame the SNP for allowing it, for the murder and assaults of Catholic Celtic supporters and the smashing up of Glasgow repeatedly by these protestant fascist thugs.
    Seems to me that the SNP, Sky and the BBC are all complicit in this. I stopped watching Sky and Sportscene a long time ago though still voted SNP but nothing has changed, in fact its got worse. Allegations of corruption and racial segregation based on pro protestant rankers club and fans broadcasting might sound way over the top though its a reality. SNP if your not part of the solution to an anti oppressive Scotland then you’re part of the problem.
    I love the idea of an independent Scotland but I will not vote SNP until they act on this divisive media/press and criminal actions. They’ve had years of governing now and they have failed all decent minded citizens of Scotland by allowing this to continue. The only way it will hurt is to stop voting them into power. Next election I hope all Celtic supporters show their unhappiness and stop voting in this corrupt SNP and vote GREEN. HH

  • Ronno67 says:

    I could be wrong, but i think if it’s not shown on TV then it cannot be referred to the Compliance Officer for retrospective punishment, or ‘Trial by Sportscene’ as they like to call it.

  • Chris McDougall says:

    Maybe it’s the guy who wrote the unflattering headline tonight and who called our 2nd goal an OG when UEFA gave it to Turnbull……it’s like they’re really hurting….and it’s good.

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