Celtic Storm Home On A Big, Big Night In The SPL Title Race.

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The critics now have to accept it; we have the momentum. We are, right now, the best football team in the country. The stars are all aligning just as we hoped that they would. What have I been saying? The first team to go on a long run of wins will have this. In the space of time since I first wrote that they’ve shipped four points. A six-point gap is now two.

And we have a significant goal difference lead, because of those attackers.

To go into a 3-0 lead so early in the game was our absolute dream come true. We sold a silly goal and caused ourselves a few scares – Halloween kids stuff scares, not the sort some in the press will maintain and there weren’t any failures at the back – but overall that was as comfortable as a trip to a ground where you’ve not won in the last seven visits could be.

I wrote earlier about their rough-house tactics; they continued through the second half, resulting in a hilariously bad Honest Mistake moment when Juranovic got smacked in the face by Boyle, who ran on uninterrupted until Callum brought him down. Of course, Callum got a booking for that, which is exactly what regular ref watchers would have expected.

But nothing could derail us tonight and we now have a critical psychological advantage. We’ve come out of our tricky spell of away ties; nothing before the turn of the year is quite as intimidating as what we’ve just emerged from. It’s not plain sailing, but it’s straightforward enough that I don’t foresee it causing us too many problems.

That was a big, big evening. The team performed admirably in horrific conditions that did not reward sexy football. Nevertheless, we managed to produce some and we always looked like the better team. The score-line doesn’t flatter us; we could have ten in the first half.

Let the hacks eat their words. Let the doubters amongst us repent. This is a title challenging team. I firmly expect that when this season ends it will be a title winning one.

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  • Roonsa says:

    My only complaint about tonight is as the man says. Gogic. A disgrace of a footballer. No surprises with the ref. Ange needs to speak up.

    Mon the Hoops.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Just keep winning lovely.

  • Roonsa says:

    I really hope there is a piece today about Keith Jackson’s mawkish nonsense on the game at Ibrox last night. The penalty was a wee bit soft but never mind about that, the team let a great man down. It’s like reading Tony Parsehole in Viz – only Jackson is for real and actually gets paid real money to write this shite.

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