Celtic’s Midweek Opponents Suffer Call Off Due To Major Virus Outbreak At Their Club.

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If we don’t get some rather unpleasant news this afternoon or over the weekend, Celtic’s virus testing regimen, and the social distancing at the club, should be given the highest praise. Because Hibs’ game with Livingston is off today because of an outbreak of the bug at the club which, between positive cases and close contacts, has left them unable to fulfil the fixture.

This is obviously a concern for Celtic, as we played them just days ago. An outbreak that big, there is bound to be some leakage into the wider world. You have to hope that we didn’t suffer for that.

Whilst I’m certain that we do have our own protocols and that they are being followed, there must still be a little worry that this could be an issue.

The outbreak there must be big.

Even if you assume that their social distancing methods aren’t as big or as extensive as those at Celtic, for it wipe out their ability to fulfil a fixture it can’t be something minor.

Even if most of those missing out are close contacts, the number of positive cases is most probably on the high side.

How the Hell did that happen? And are we doing everything we can – not just enough to get by but everything we can – to make sure it doesn’t happen to us?

We have hauled our way not only into contention in this race but into a position where you might even say that we have the wind at our backs and the momentum on our side.

The last thing we need is for all that progress to be derailed by a situation where we either can’t play a match or where we have to play it severely weakened.

This is a pretty big bullet to have dodged, if indeed we dodge it at all.

If we’re clear of it then all credit to those at Parkhead who put our protocols together because it will have saved us from an awful, awful dilemma and the kind of setback we can’t afford.

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  • Peter Heaney says:

    Is this a new way to stop teams winning the league.
    Cheap shots I say.

  • CC says:

    How is it a major virus outbreak? They had two positive tests (as I read it earlier that may have changed by now) which in itself means little. Christ, you make it sound like they’re burning the dead on Leith Walk man.

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