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Clickbait Desperados Now Have Kyogo Leaving Celtic After Less Than A Season.

Image for Clickbait Desperados Now Have Kyogo Leaving Celtic After Less Than A Season.

My good friend Paddy Sinat over on Vital Celtic has already stuck up a piece on this issue, but I feel I have to stick one up as well.

The story this morning that Southampton are eyeing Kyogo is as lazy a piece of alleged journalism as you will ever see.

Nobody should be paying the slightest heed to it.

It contains not one fact.

It is supposition, based on us having sold players to them before and on the presumption that we would just roll over if they offered to treble our money.

Do not believe a word of it. This is another example of people chasing hits using Celtic’s name, and that’s all that it is.

The source is a website in Italy which didn’t even bother to pretend it had sources or any real information and it was picked up by the repositories of clickbait nonsense and they ran with it. Of course, some of our media will follow suit.

We’re easy to get hits from because every negative story like this finds its way into our mainstream press.

That’s why these goons write this stuff.

It should be ignored.

In fact, it should be scorned, held up to ridicule, laughed at.

This kind of tiresome nonsense is all over the internet most weeks anyway, but this is the international break when these sites are desperate for something to write that justifies their existence.

Prepare for more of this dirge in the fortnight ahead.

Isn’t it amusing, though, that you rarely read this stuff about players across the city anymore?

Remember that story about Hagi going to Roma for £10 million? Whatever happened to that?

Wasn’t that one featured prominently in The Daily Record?

Sometimes those are the biggest clickbait factories of all.

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  • Barry says:

    I don’t always agree with what you write, but believe it comes from the heart and not just to add column inches. Like I said, I don’t always agree, but you’ve been barring some belters and been right on the money of late.

    Another story that’s being buried is the fact that Walsh has refereed *the Raijurs 7 times, and has sent a player off from the opposing team 6 times from that 7.

    Joe McHugh touched on it briefly, but would be good for all Celtic sites to investigate and bring to the fore, just to get the fact out there and also to see what action the SMSM, LRA & radio phone ins take…which won’t be much if any, but instead out with the shovel and get it buried in the garden of mounds.

    Keep up the good work??

  • SSMPM says:

    Can’t always take the stats at face value but yeh would be interesting to see how the refs are performing across the board highlighting the worst offenders. HH

  • Peter cassidy says:

    If celtic got offered £15 mill for kyogo he would be off got to get dessie and shareholders divis sorted for next year this is business football just the product and fans are customers thats how our club is run by the present board of directors and despot Desmond and liewell still there.regarding refs nothing will ever change till clubs get some balls and demand change from the blue sfa the way that bigot club gets the easy treatment from the refs the whole thing stinks.

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