Desperate McCoist No Match For Sutton As He Tries To Question Celtic Penalty Call.

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Ally McCoist flapped desperately earlier as he tried to compare the Ibrox penalty decision in midweek to the one involving Carter Vickers and Dundee Utd earlier in the campaign.

The United decision, which was picked apart like footage of the Kennedy Assassination was adjudged to have been a fair one, and English ref Dermot Gallagher pointed out that there had been a foul on Starfelt just before it, rendering the whole question moot.

If you wanted to be generous to McCoist you might go as far as it to say it was 50/50 challenge.

I would not personally go that far, and I thought, as Gallagher did, that there was an even clearer foul before it. The one at Ibrox is blatantly wrong. There ought not to be even the slightest question about that. It is never a penalty kick in a thousand years.

McCoist himself admits that it’s not a spot kick. He freely accepts it. His dredging up a complete non incident in a prior game is the act of a charlatan. Sutton wasn’t impressed, not by any of it, and he let McCoist know it. He described the Beaton call as “the worst decision I think I’ve ever seen awarded in Scotland.” Which might be a stretch, but not by much.

But this is why nothing ever gets done about these dreadful decisions. Rather than focus on the Beaton call, in isolation, people like McCoist are scrambling about looking for equivalence. It’s Whatabouttery in a debate where there are clear cut issues.

Notice that McCoist never takes his “argument” to the logical conclusion, which is that if refereeing in Scotland is so bad that we’re produced dodgy decisions in every other game that maybe something should be done about it, because maybe there’s something more sinister going on than a few Honest Mistakes. But that would be too much to ask of him.

These people would rather blow smoke than confront the problem, a problem which isn’t just confined, as Gerrard said earlier, to some moaning on the forums and in the blogs. This has been commented on by half of the managers in the league.

What they, and their clubs, are willing to do about it remains to be seen.

Maybe we should ask Hugh Dallas; that appears to be regarded as a legitimate course of action by some.

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  • scouse bhoy says:

    another imposter with a short memory the same ref let him off the hook against the mighty albion rovers. a goal that would never have been allowed in any other country.

  • John Love says:

    Easy, we should just stop playing sevco…

  • Larsson7 says:

    Hugh Dallas is a bigot.
    And son is cut from the same cloth.
    He’s made a few screamers,four penalties for the home team at ibrox
    Madden and McLean,also have form with some weird Decisions.
    Is it “Honest Mistakes” or is there something else,make your mind up………I know what I think.

    • Roonsa says:

      Even if the CCV incident against the Arabs was a pen, it’s not the same thing. Not seeing an incident that was there is nothing like seeing an incident that was. The first one can be explained, the second one can’t. Nice try Coisty ya fat ride, but no cigar.

      • Roonsa says:

        * seeing an incident that wasn’t.

        We really need an edit function on this Comments section for dolts like me who don’t proof read before pressing the Send button.

  • FSTB says:


  • FSTB says:

    One of the worst performances of refereeing I have seen this season, was madden v Aberdeen.
    For me it should be used as evidence as to how a referee can influence the outcome of a football match.
    Yet within weeks madden is yet again reffing a match of ours
    That,s 3 in 12 games already this season .
    Corruption doesn’t stop at refs in scotland

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