Disciplined, Aggressive And Showing Real Quality. Celtic Made Today Look Easy.

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Well, the first might have been sluggish but there were enough moments of quality in it to convince me that we’d win.

The goal that opened the scoring was a bit special, with our Portuguese bhoy wonder dancing past the defenders to lash a fearsome shot into the net.

As I’ve said previously, this lad has everything we could wish for.

The second goal was a perfect answer from David Turnbull to all his critics, like me, who wonders if he’s lost a little something this season.

He has, but is he also gaining something?

Like the ability to play under the pressure and the weight of the Celtic shirt?

I think he might be. He looked much better today and his goal was quite brilliant.

The manager made good changes at the right time, to see the game out with comfort.

It was good to see our Greek bhoy on although he didn’t get much time to shine. Kyogo had one of his quieter games today and yet – shocker for the media – we still managed to win. A sign that perhaps they aren’t quite as smart, or we quite as weak, as they make out?

Our defence was excellent.

I thought Bolingoli had a very decent game and I think the Carter-Vickers/Starfelt partnership is starting to bear fruit. There was one odd moment when they seemed confused about who should go for a loose ball, but they found themselves again quickly enough and both turned in a good display.

Jota deserves special praise, not only for his goal but for his overall work-rate.

As I said previously, you worry that a guy who plays in his position and who looks like a Celtic calendar pin-up might not be the sort of guy you can rely on to dig in when it gets tough … but his hero is Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays a similar position and has adorned many a bedroom wall, and he never stops grafting or fighting even now.

We have a guy here who gives everything and he’s got plenty in the arsenal.

Pay the money for him now Celtic, spare us any uncertainty and start developing this guy for the inevitable offers which make all the Hagi talk seem as nonsensical and ridiculous as we know it is.

That one was so comfortable I could have watched it from a deck-chair with a beer in my hand. It neither devolved into the battle I thought it would or provided the beating we had hoped for.

But you know what? I said after the Aberdeen win that although we’d got that much needed victory that I thought the team had gone backwards.

Today that was all forward march and progress.

We looked the part today, and it was performance that deserved not only its reward here but the one we got elsewhere.

We are not where we want to be yet, not by a long shot, but by God it feels good this evening.

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  • Nick66 says:

    Gap reduced to 4 points on the back of a excellent performance. The current Ibrox tenants look like their struggling to wins, now draws. We on the other hand are starting to look more settled. All in all a plrasing day for us.

  • Dora says:

    Finally, a bit of momentum!
    Another away win against Hibs and the bottle bankers aka sevco will soil their pantyloons!!

  • Roonsa says:

    Watched the game in a Celtic pub in Spain (Hoops Bar, Guardemar) and I was comfortable all afternoon. Celtic played well today. Very well indeed. Yet another “free hit ” on a Celtic player which was well mentioned by Tam Boyd on Celtic TV. Other than that, no complaints.

  • jrm63 says:

    Easily the best performance of the season – the passing was a joy to watch at times. World class finish from Turnbull with Rogic unplayable

  • Peter cassidy says:

    Good win today and away from home against a strong team so well done celtic. We just take one game at a time plenty points to win and lose but we have more good players to come back from injury so a lot to look forward too in the coming weeks and players getting used to all the new players and ange playing system and ange more under standing of the corrupt football officials in our game again well done celtic.

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