Instead Of Giving Celtic Advice, Andy Halliday Should Focus On His Own Team.

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Andy Halliday has been full of it this past week. Advice, that is.

But yeah, he’s full of it most weeks.

The advice has been particularly funny; he’s encouraging us to learn how to win ugly like the Scotland national team.

I don’t know why he cares.

He’s not in the Scotland team and he’s not playing at either Celtic Park.

Here’s an idea; instead of trying to lecture us, why doesn’t he just focus on the actual mechanics of performing on the pitch, for his team, in their coming game at the weekend, which just so happens to be against his favourite club?

Too many current players not at Parkhead seem to think that it’s their duty to tell us how to play, or who to select, or what the manager should be doing.

We’ve even had managers apologise to us because their players decided to mouth off about us in the press.

We won ugly at Pittodrie.

We’re perfectly capable of it. We’ve won titles on ugly, cup finals on ugly.

He has three lower league titles and a Challenge Cup.

Not exactly the credentials of somebody who should be trying to explain to us the mechanics of securing major honours.

Halliday is an arrogant git to try and offer advice to us, and I’m sure his current manager would rather he put his energies into what happens on the park at the weekend rather than start plugging for his future career in the media.

You just know that some title or broadcaster will snap this eejit up.

He ticks all the boxes after all.

He’s an ex-Ibrox player who hates Celtic, has the intellect of something you could find at the bottom of a swampy pond and he’s already twigged, long ago, that taking shots at us can get you headlines.

He’s well on his way.

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