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Is February When Celtic And Other Clubs Strike A Blow Against Honest Mistakes?

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In February of next year, Celtic and the other clubs of the SPFL will take a step beyond the era of Honest Mistakes. Or you’d hope that they do.

With the clubs in this league – indeed, with our own club, made up of directors pushing the Victim Lie – you just never know.

But it looks promising at the moment. VAR is being voted on. It must surely pass.

A lot of our fans don’t feel that VAR will have much effect. I think it will definitely have an effect, and a positive one.

There is no way that Beaton would have given that decision at the weekend if he thought he’d have to watch it ten times and then try to explain why he still thought it was a penalty. We won’t tame this issue entirely, but we’ll put a hurt on those who would corrupt the sport in one way or another.

We’ll cut some of this out.

Celtic should be leading the way on this. Ibrox claims to want it.

The other clubs have spent the last month or so moaning about decisions going against them; VAR would have cleared some of those issues up one way or the other so really, I’ll be amazed if there’s a single one of them who doesn’t vote in favour of this proposal.

It’s a step forward. One step. A baby step even.

But progress is better than none, and this can only do the game in Scotland some good. Let’s face it, the time for it has come. They use it now in so many leagues that ours risks looking ever more backward unless it’s adopted.

On top of that, too many people would be asking the question; “why not? What do these people have to fear from a little verification technology?”

Which has an answer, of course, but not one that anyone wants to offer up in defence.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    In any other industry these people (scottish referees), would get their jotters if they made two or three “honest mistakes”. It’s obvious they’re not learning from these “mistakes”. Time for whoever appoints them time after time to explain why. HH

  • tommy walker says:

    The answer might be that the funny handshake stretches much further than any of us could imagine !

  • Jim Duffy says:

    The problem is though even if all clubs vote for VAR in February it won’t be implemented until the following February ,now I wonder what club that helps in the race to win the league and CL riches guaranteed,there’s no way this should take a year this is being delayed by the orange masonic bigoted SFA, Scotland the best we bigoted backwater in the world.

  • John S says:

    I know the term ‘Honest Mistakes’ is meant to be a parody but we have to remind ourselves of the reality – corruption within the game defrauding the spectators.

  • QB says:

    Am I the only Celtic fan that CAN see the pull by the Don’s defender at the penalty incident?

    I still think it is amazing that Cheatin’ Beaton could see that but failed to see Hill chop Griffiths in half for example.

    In my mind he wanted to see one and not the other… I’d be surprised if he saw the pull initially. He more likely gave it for a perceived foul as the defender was wrong side.

    However whilst VAR might have seen us given a penalty in the Hill incident above and a 2-1 win the one at Ibrox highlights how it could go either way.

    Had Beaton been on VAR duty for instance and the ref didn’t give a pen I could see him scouring the footage from all angles until he found an excuse to refer the ref to review it.

    At any corner with VAR with enough replays you could find a reason to give a FK to the defending team or a penalty… so how the refs will use it and what they will (choose to) see / miss is vital.

    Ahead of VAR I would make full recordings of all officials comms available to both teams and have a policy that when giving a decision a ref must explain why it was given at the time before he reviews it later and finds a reason…

    It won’t stop them ‘missing’ things but would perhaps highlight when they are guessing / seeing what they want to see

    No reason that could not be done NOW. Though if Dougie Dougie didn’t bring about change not sure what will.

  • Dawn Thomson says:

    Great point .I do think var will bring more grief than we expect to ,remember we don’t forensically ours .

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