It Is Incredible How Much Reportage Whelan’s Latest Anti-Celtic Rant Is Getting.

Image for It Is Incredible How Much Reportage Whelan’s Latest Anti-Celtic Rant Is Getting.

Last night I wrote about Noel Whelan’s scandalous article on Kyogo and his assertion that our player has disrespected the club. Less than 24 hours later,

Whelan’s piece is the subject of much fevered discussion across social media and even in the mainstream press.

And the story is outright nonsense. This is a classic example of our media building a complete non-issue into something they hope they can embarrass us and one of our players with. It is a blatant attempt to unsettle us in the run up to the weekend.

Nobody believes for one second that Kyogo has eyes on a move already.

Nobody believes for one minute that he has one foot out the door. He was asked a direct question about whether he’d one day like to play in the EPL and he said what every player who is asked that question would answer; of course he would.

He has friends who are there.

He also pointed out that players have moved to that league from Scotland before; none of what he said is in any way controversial or even surprising. The man isn’t soliciting a move. He didn’t volunteer the information, he answered a sodding question.

And now we have to read all this garbage targeting the guy.

The coverage this is getting is frankly ridiculous.

Everyone writing about it knows that there is nothing in it whatsoever. Still, we have the media slobbering all over it, delighted that they can try and find a negative. Thrilled that they can sew some dissention in the ranks.

Except that they can. Every one of us sees this for what it is. Every one of us sees through it as an attempt to stir the soup. Whelan is a joke and so is that outlet he writes for. That the rest of the press is following this pitiful lead shows how bad they all are.

Slow news days or what?

No, just a chance to write an anti-Celtic piece even if it’s on the back of the opinion of a complete halfwit.

Remember when our media used to have standards?

Seems like a long time ago now, doesn’t it?

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  • John says:

    It has probably been taken out of context what he said and reported to suit the blog, paper or reporter like most others from our team.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    How red would scottish press’s neck be if Kyogo (here 2 mins), was sold for Dembele dollars. While el gruff was still stuck in govan FIVE years after the £30 m Chinese bid? HH

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    James that last sentence is wrong, the sports media in Scotland has been blatantly biased for more than my lifetime, 55+yrs. My father assured me it had been happening for years, long before I was a twinkle in his eye.
    So, NO I do not remember when they had standards, coz it hasn’t happened, EVER; ANY chance they get to do Celtic FC down they’ll seize it and run like Hell with it, just like they’re doing with this nonsense.
    And F@¥# ‘em All.

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