Media “Experts” Now Targeting Celtic’s Keeper Situation With Unsolicited “Advice”.

Image for Media “Experts” Now Targeting Celtic’s Keeper Situation With Unsolicited “Advice”.

Reading the Scottish press is like listening to the same song sung by various different bands, just over and over and over again.

They are constantly on the attack.

They may approach it from different angles, but the song is one we’ve heard before and before and before and before.

Today’s target is Joe Hart. It’s like an ever moving thing this, always a different person in the crosshairs, but the one they are after always plays for Celtic.

Hart is being targeted by reports which suggest that we should go for Zander Clark instead, when he comes up on a free transfer at the end of the season. It’s not a ridiculous suggestion, by the way, because we need an able backup … but that’s all he’d be.

The idea that he’s better than what’s at Celtic Park already is ridiculous when you consider the career our first choice has had.

But this is what these people do; they focus on a target and start chipping away. I knew it was a matter of time before the Monday morning quarterbacks were questioning Hart, he’s the only person in the backline who hasn’t had this so it was a matter of time.

Hart, like others, is settling in. We’ve got a long way to go in this campaign and a lot of people are still trying to find their feet. He’s not really played in front of a settled back line until very recently and that has had an impact on his performances, as you might expect.

But nobody doubts his talent and nobody believes he’s anything other than a good signing. I have only one real answer to this story; if Clark were a better keeper than Joe Hart he’d have more international caps and he’d currently be Celtic’s first choice.

But he isn’t so he’s not.

This is just stupid.

But that’s our press for you.

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  • SSMPM says:

    Incredible re-reportage of the nonfactual facts on the hun media. HH

  • Barry says:

    Zander is undoubtedly a good keeper, and before Joe came on the scene, he was my choice to replace Barkas. But Joe did come on the scene, and he is the most decorated player in Scottish football with the exception of Broony, CalMac & Forrest…I think. Even then, some might argue that Joe Hart’s medal collection was achieved at a higher standard, but that’s for each individual opinion.

    But it is another pointless attack because Lomas gave his opinion and like you said, he isn’t, so he’s not (a better player) and I don’t think Zander would want to go to any club to warm the bench, which he would.

    Good effort SMSM, but we’re no buying it

  • Jorge says:

    As well as the agenda of negativity against any Celtic player whom these pundits and sports ‘journalists’ feel is vulnerable where they pile-on to try to apply the ‘death by a thousand cuts’, I have noticed a recent trend to exaggerate the merits of ex-celts. The glowing reports on Jack Hendry is a case in point: I, for one, saw enough of Jack in a Celtic shirt and concluded that he was nowhere near the standard we need and have seen nothing in his performances since to suggest otherwise.

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