Motherwell Fans Seem To Know, And Are Willing To Say, What A Celtic Director Does Not.

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Today the fans of Motherwell put up a banner wishing the “zombies” a Happy Halloween. Even accounting for the abject performance of their team I’d say that was well put. Fans across the game know what that club is. As we’re all aware, even the St Mirren chairman knows what they are. Part of his great crime was to call them Sevco, after all.

When this went to a vote back in 2012, more than three dozen of our professional clubs voted the NewCo into the league structure at the lowest tier. The Newco. For such it was known then, before the bullshit started and the press was encouraged to rewrite history.

Of course, they could not get away with it without the continued silence of the clubs who made that initial decision. Only a handful of chairmen – one of whom, incredibly, was Donald Findlay – have ever said in clear language what the rest know to be true; that the current Ibrox club is a new football entity. The rest continue their silence.

Worse that the silence, though, was what Brian Wilson did in midweek when his published Walter Smith obituary made it clear that he subscribes fully to the great fictions of the Survival and Victim lies, two of the most grotesque falsehoods in the game.

The Motherwell fans made it clear where they stand. The Green Brigade focussed their ire on a cop rather than on the charlatans on our own board and I understand that they were airing a very specific grievance, but in the past half week the bloggers have been doing the heavy lifting on this and yesterday we could have used a little help.

How ironic that it’s another club’s fans who told it like it is.

How sad that this should be the case.

But the Motherwell fans only know what the rest of us are well aware of. Whey they are the only people aside from ourselves to publicly say so lately is a question that should haunt the consciences of all those who remain silent about it.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox, the poet, was correct when she wrote; “To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men.”

Well at least nobody can accuse the Well fans of that.

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  • Scouse bhoy says:

    The fans of other clubs need to keep reminding the gutless media what they printed in 2012. If its just celtic fans then it just becomes a them and us issue ones as bad as the other nonsense. The well fans did very well.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    “Not one thin dime”, will Celts get from me, until resolution 12/11 is explained to my satisfaction. HH

    • Bigmick says:

      It’s the ONLY thing the people in our boardroom will ever be affected by…(losing punters cash)
      Even at that, I suspect that they would now rather let the club die than admit their shame.
      Like another commentor on another post, I’m now a fan/watcher of the team on the pitch, having watched my first Celtic game in 1969.
      The team, YES!
      The club? NO!
      I don’t know them anymore…and they don’t know or care about me, you, or anything else beyond separating people from their cash.
      That’s a sad fact.

  • Derek Duncan says:

    The zombie hordes will back in the grave tonight just like Deadco scum 1872 ,S= Sevco FA corrupt to the core!!!!!

  • Ange Baby says:

    Fair comment James.

    As others have pointed out, the GB are only ever interested in themselves.

    Yet again the GB claim to represent the whole Celtic support.

    They don’t and never have.

    The vast majority of our supporters are proud to wear Celtic colours.

    Most dont indulge in flare-throwing, offensive banners,, seat breaking at away grounds or other anti-social behaviour so most of us have no axe to grind with Bernard Higgins or ever had contact with Police Scotland.

    The club are reaping what they sowed by pandering to the GB cult, why did they even discuss Higgins proposed appointment before he was officially appointed?

    About time the GB were shown the door so the rest of us can carry on supporting the team

    If the club backs down now, then it is clear the GB do indeed call the tune at CP

  • Solas sa Saoirse says:

    Fact. If it wasn’t for the Green Brigade, there would be no atmosphere in Celtic Park! Because the rest of the ground canny sing! When the Bunnet said “No Singing Irish Rebel Songs” he was being politically correct. But in actual fact politics has no place in sport, especially football. The ones who want to politicise it do it for their own selfish objectives. Football is a working class spectators sport and always has been! Bernard Higgins is an entitled individual who is unable or unwilling to live on the huge pension he would have earned at P.S. Why should he further line his own, already well feathered nest with cash which our supporters worked and sweated for? I like many of the commentators on this site have not set foot inside Celtic Park for some time. This is because Celtic is NO LONGER a Club “Open to All”, despite what the “Mission Statement” says. Make no mistake. There is a battle going on for the soul of Celtic Football Club. It is between those who believe in it’s original founding principles and those who would use it for their own selfish objectives.

    • REBELLIOUS says:

      Hear fqn hear, it’s greed that motivates current board members, not passion for Celtic.
      Of course, they’ll claim differently but their actions speak with no thought of the Club’s lifeblood and main sponsor, the supporters.
      The board further showed their lack of ambition recently with newly appointed CEO Dominic McKay, whose tenure lasted three whole months, left for ‘personal reasons’ yeh?
      For me, he’s probably had ideas that’ll have left board members reaching for their medications at the mere though that their quarterly dividend might drop in value, heaven forbid.
      Starving them out seems almost inevitable, unless; a Fergus 2.0 type reveals himself with a promise to sell back to supporters within a given time frame. YNWA
      Conor ‘McNugget’ McGregor need not apply;)

  • Solas sa Saoirse says:

    There is unmistakable shame on “Celtic Colours” today. And I won’t be caught wearing shame!

  • Solas sa Saoirse says:

    Telling stories is an ancient Celtic Tradition, which was passed down through the generations. It existed long before Glasgow Celtic existed. The Ancient Celtic People’s traditions, customs and lessons were passed down through the generations orally. There was no written word at the time. Story-telling by poem or musical song enabled the ancient Celtic people to remember and celebrate their history and remember who they were and where they had come from. By these means, the Irish-Celts ensured that their history and traditional values were remembered. There was a good reason for remembering the past. Remembering the past was to remember who you are – as a people and who you are as an individual as well! To keep alive your history and your identity also ensured that the mistakes of the past were not repeated. That is the Tradition which the Green Brigade continue. The Politically Correct don’t want you to remember YOUR history. They want you to forget it! So that in time you will forget who you are. When that day comes, you will be just like them. Then you will do what they do – and you will behave – just like – THEM! Good Health to the “Green Brigade”! COYBIG. Who Are You? Who Are You?

  • John says:

    I’m with you Ange Baby! It seems to me that the GB want to decide who is employed at OUR club. They seem to want to pick a fight with anyone who doesn’t align with their political views. In effect they are hi-jacking our club for their own political ends. This is nothing to do with football or supporting the team
    As for the Mission Statement A Club OpenTo All. This should surely include ex cops and people on the board who are perceived to be Tories.
    They don’t speak for me and if the Board give in to this the club is F*ck*d

  • Solas sa Saoirse says:

    Celtic is NOT a Club open to all. To “Qualify” for a Celtic season ticket today, you have to align with the Club’s wishes. You have to buy loads and loads of Club merchandise, buy Raffle-tickets at half-time, pies and Bovril pay your Ticket and keep your mouth shut! If you do this, then you will be ALLOWED to purchase a ST. If you don’t, they have thousands on the waiting list who will! It is maximisation of revenues for plc shareholders profit that drives the Celtic Football Club today. That result yesterday speaks volumes! Livi simply said “You Are Not Going to Win This League” and yesterday Celtic accepted it. If Livingston can take four out of six points from us on the first two meetings, then Celtic plc has accepted it and we arenot going to win this League. Why not? Simple. It is because Sevco (Scotland) want the automatic £40 million Champions League money for winning the League more than we do. It’s simple. Whether you like it or not, that is the way it is! You are handing over your hard earned cash and allegiance to a Club who do not care about your footballing aspirations. They do not care if we are not going to win this League or not! An ex-Rangers Manager once said after his team had been beaten by Rangers.
    “Nothing is Lost to Old Friends” or words to that effect

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