Neutrals Should Not Have To See Boyd’s Bitter Anti-Celtic Raging Coupon On Sky.

Image for Neutrals Should Not Have To See Boyd’s Bitter Anti-Celtic Raging Coupon On Sky.

Let’s be honest before we go on; the pictures doing the rounds today of Kris Boyd’s wee raging coupon are glorious.

It is good to know that he was hurting yesterday at full time in the game at Ibrox, especially knowing that we were in control in Motherwell.

It was pleasurable to see those stills where the shock and the dismay on his face is evident.

It made me laugh last night and it’s still making me laugh right now.

But none of our good humour hides that fact that this clown does not belong in the media.

He is a cartoon caricature of the biased commentator. Worse, he is a poisonous individual, as his deplorable tirade against Leigh Griffiths proved (as if we needed further evidence after all the other examples) and shamelessly, irredeemably thick.

He could not hide his frustration and his anger yesterday and that was funny for us, but neutrals should not have to watch this grotesquery on their screens. There is such a thing as professionalism and he doesn’t come close to it.

I’ve written before that Sky embarrasses itself employing this joker.

That they’ve already had clubs complain about him should tell them that nobody wants him in the commentary box and they have to be aware that he brings nothing to any discussion. You cannot listen to him talk about the game in any fashion and not understand that nothing he says couldn’t be obtained far more cheaply simply by asking any by-stander watching football in the pub.

That’s the level of debate he brings.

I cannot imagine how Sky executives think that he in any way represents value for money, or meets any kind of standards.

The idea is as barmy as the talk of Gerrard going to Newcastle; Boyd brings nothing to Sky except a sneering contempt for the bulk of the Scottish audience and an incomprehensible clown mask for the rest of the UK.

For a moment yesterday every viewer watching saw what we see regularly; the twist in his features, the smugness gone, the bile rising, the dented supremacy given way to anger. To us it was hilarious; to the audience in general it must have seemed like the theatre of the absurd.

He was infuriated and stunned and deflated and even if he’d tried to hide it he wouldn’t have known how.

This is not a professional pundit.

He’s a troll who only has legitimacy because idiotic media executives clearly don’t care what their audiences think.

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  • john Tinney says:

    This is not about his ability, This is about keeping the BROTHERS in a job
    From the Kilwinning No 1

  • Charles Oneill says:

    He is like the evil witch, everyone hates at the Christmas pantomime. Maybe they are not employing him for his football wisdom but for everyone to laugh at, not with. You can see clearly other pundits cant wait to see him come on so they can have a giggle at his expense.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Cancelled sky first time I heard old firm mentioned after they went tits up. Cancelled my season book at Celtic Park too. Still look for Celts to win, but not giving any more money to billionaires who couldn’t give a flying f@ck for fair play. HH

  • Saulgoodman says:

    This blogger should concentrate on all things positive celtic , forget boyd forget sevco forget hand ball pens, talk about celtic im getting absolutely bored wi this , celtic were good yesterday – this is a celtic page I expect to read + comment on all things celtic

    • James Forrest says:

      This is a typical misunderstanding; the CelticBlog is a Scottish football site written from a Celtic perspective 🙂

    • Biffo67 says:

      Just go to another site, or better still, start your own blog: you obviously have your own opinions and lots to say.

  • Saulgoodman says:

    Thanks for the reply , some of your blogs have been good reading – not enuf in my opinion – did you see the utd stonewall pen at paradise the other week , scottish refs are not biased they’re just not very good – that will never change, just a part time job – your obsessed wi boyd sevco refs papers thats not a celtic perspective

  • SSMPM says:

    The man exposes his true ugly self repeatedly and sky pay him for it, thus they are complicit in it. I too cancelled my sky subs when him and Commons started, like they were ever going to be the insightful voice of Scottish football. He seriously needs to address his anger management with a psychiatrist though that would open a can of worms. HH

  • Roonsa says:

    I pay £30 a month for Sky Sports (plus £2 a month for Sky Sports HD that I had forced on me) and I am done with them. I complained about Boyd months ago and I got fobbed off with words like “experienced” and “qualified”. I should have told them to fuck off there and then. My contract is just up so I can now. £93 a month for TV and Broadband. I must have more money than sense!

  • Thai Tommy says:

    Stop beating about the bush and sitting on the fence.
    Do you think Boyd is a brilliant commentator

  • John Lynaghan says:

    Very true comments,football pundits are not supposed to be as bias as Kris Boyd,he also struggles to give an overall assessment of games but of a joke when on screen .James Mc Fadden runs him a close second

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