Nicholas Continues His Tiresome, One-Sided Vendetta Against Celtic.

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The endless struggle continues, being waged by only one side, like those famed Japanese servicemen lost in the jungle who didn’t realise that World War II was over until deep into the Fifties.

I always wonder; who does Nicholas think he’s fighting? Which conflict can he just not let go? Has he failed to realise Lou Macari is not at Parkhead any longer?

Somewhere, back in the sands of time, we did something to him. Or he thinks we did something to him.

He probably couldn’t tell you what it is. He’s like one of those bitter old men who sits on the porch all day shouting at the neighbours over some long forgotten grievance, unable to simply let it go because it’s become his reason for living.

His latest rant is that we’re a “middle of the road team” whatever that means, and that Ange has used up his goodwill. Typical that Nicholas would wait until we’ve actually won an away match in the league to spring that one on us, typical that he’d wait until a result which lifts some of the psychological baggage from our shoulders … that sums up how dumb this guy is.

Nicholas has retreated into self-parody now. The more we highlight how much he resembles a jilted lover the more he acts out in the role. The more we call him out for his bizarre behaviour, the more bizarre behaviour he treats us to. After every delusional tirade we call him an idiot; he responds by upping the ante and becoming more unspooled from reality.

Whatever the problem is, this vendetta of his has gone on longer than the War On Drugs; in another context I’d suggest that maybe it’s time to get him across the table and find out how we can bring this to a close by genuinely enquiring as to what happened here.

But that’s not going to happen, because we don’t care enough and he wouldn’t be able to articulate his reasons anyway. Nicholas is one of those people who proves the old adage that there’s no zealot like a convert. He was one of us once, like Neil McCann, but he’s crossed over to the other side now and become a full-fledged hater, and there’s no coming back.

So the war continues, waged only by Nicholas, with Celtic acknowledging him once in a blue moon, to slap him down, to remind me that a player who played three times for us should have a place in our hearts but that he doesn’t.

It’s a hard life on the outside, but he evidently prefers it that way.

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  • Iljas Baker says:

    Don’t know why you give him oxygen. Who cares what he thinks?

  • CC says:

    I truthfully believe that Charlie Nicholas doesn’t actually know what he’s saying until after he’s said it. His brain doesn’t process his speech quickly at all. You can hear it in his confused use of language. (Co?)-incidentally, his cohort McCann is the same. I used to love hearing him talking on TV and I’d often revel in his linguistic ineptitude for nothing more than my own amusement.

  • Thomas black says:

    James .to.many him a celtic legend but never by me .he was a young player who broke into the team and done well then broke his leg came back had a great season scoring 50 goals and left at the end of the season we got 2.and a half seasons out of him

  • Andy Kelly says:

    I think I might have caused this. In ’95 four of us bought season tickets and were offered seats in the original stand, when my brother in law went to pick up the tickets he was told we couldn’t have our original offering as they had now been allocated to two of the players and we were offered alternative seats which were nowhere near as good. We refused the alternative seats and after some complaining were given our original seats after all. It turns out the players who were supposed to get them were Nicholas and Vata.

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