Noel Whelan’s Attack On Celtic’s Japanese Bhoy Is Desperate, Self-Serving Nonsense.

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Noel Whelan is not a guy who’s ever going to find a way onto my Christmas Card List.

He is a clown. I can’t stand the site he writes for or the garbage that he routinely produces. As I said in an earlier piece, this is a guy who’s twigged that if you’re an ex-player trying for a media career that an anti-Celtic story will get you traction like nothing else will.

Tonight this eejit is piggy-backing on Kyogo’s recent interview in the Japanese media where he talked about one day maybe moving to England. This created not one ripple of annoyance amongst the Celtic fans who understood exactly the context in which he said it.

Whelan has accused him of being disrespectful.

“Rather than talking about speculation about the Premier League, first and foremost he has to do his job with Celtic. If he does that job right, then speculation will come his way and there will be offers. The last thing that Celtic will want to hear right now is him talking about the Premier League when he’s got a massive job ahead of him at the club. He’s been there what – two minutes? It shows a little bit of a lack of respect if you ask me.”

Well first things first, nobody did ask you.

So maybe you want to shut your mouth for once?

Secondly, Kyogo did not drop his comments out of a clear blue sky; he was asked a specific question about a friend of his who is now playing in the EPL.

All he did was answer the interviewer, and even then we have no way of knowing what was and what wasn’t lost in translation.

What we do know is that he affirmed his desire to be a great success at Parkhead, so he knows exactly what his job is.

Whelan either doesn’t know that or doesn’t care. I suspect it’s the latter.

Everyone who read those comments knew that Kyogo was responding to a question he was asked, and therefore there was nothing disrespectful in it all, any more than there was anything disrespectful in Abada saying his career goal is one day to play for Liverpool.

We put up with a lot as Celtic fans; you would all agree with that, no doubt.

But we should draw the line at those who try to manipulate us and our opinions for their own selfish ends.

Whelan targeted Kyogo and us through the player, to get hits. To get attention.

His behaviour is despicable and he deserves to be thoroughly scorned for it.

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  • Nick66 says:

    Agree with you there James, kyogo answered a direct question. I suppose this is part of the Southampton “interest” non story rumours. The old plant a seed of hope and run with a wantaway player with links to pie in the sky offers coming in. At no time while watching and reading quotes did our lad ever “disrespect” Celtic. I think we all know where the respect is lacking. Ypung lad Abada 19yo shpws ambition and may get that move, but again it’s just responding to leading questions. He will be here with us a few years and so will our Samurai.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    James I stopped reading the article not even half way through, it’s typical of these ex player types to spout absolute shite when asked, as long as their making a penny or two…
    The amount of these types seems to be on the increase, certainly so far this season there’s been an increase, ANYTHING that does Celtic down is entertained. Fact or fiction.
    The gutter press in Scotland has cast its net far and wide in the search for these despicable non stories; like you say, no fans even blinked at the fact Kyogo and Liel hopes to play in the EPL one day.
    He WILL get his wish, I hope he does exactly that, firstly though he will need to shine @Celtic FC to attract those EPL suitors.
    Now leave his aspirations alone, they’re HIS and HIS ALONE.
    Let’s just enjoy watching him and Liel bamboozle defences in Scotland and Europe, personally, I cannae wait until we’re back on top and Kyogo IS the hottest prospect in Scotland.(provided he isn’t already)

  • .Peter cassidy says:

    Talks cheap if the players we have bought give us silverware great we are a selling club now have been for several years and if we get a very good offer for our players they will be sold its business now money first football 2nd fans customers bleed us as much as as possible a club like no other a load of bull$hit.

  • harold shand says:

    Noel Whelan ?

    Be better off with Noel Edmonds

  • Johnny D says:

    Totally agree James. Glad bloggers like yourself and a few of the guys on The Celtic Star expose these idiots like Whelan for what they are

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