Now There’s Talk Of Celtic Finishing Fifth. It Will Be So Good To Silence These Clowns.

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Another day, another one of these ridiculous headlines, screaming at you.

A few weeks ago it was a prediction that we would finish second, miles behind Ibrox.

Then it was a prediction that Hibs or Hearts might split us and push us into third.

Then some joker suggested that we could finish fourth. Now this.

It’s a matter of time before we get up to read that Ange could not possibly survive if we finished in the bottom six, as if that would need actually reporting.

What dire coverage all this is, and as I pointed out the other day all this nonsensical guff is coming from ex Ibrox players who are being asked the question so that the media can write the headlines it wants.

Let’s state the obvious; there is zero chance that Celtic will finish third, fourth or fifth. Zero chance. I can say it quite confidently, and everyone out there knows this too. The people reporting this know it. The mouthy gits who are saying it know it.

Still, it all adds to the frustration of this latest international break because I can’t be alone in wanting the real football back as soon as possible.

We have our away win. The string is broken. We can now start thinking about putting together that long winning run which answers the remaining questions and starts to drop the volume on this lunacy.

By the end of this season every one of these people will have been silenced. I am eager for it. Because really, the last few weeks have been a joke. The amount of pressure they are trying to heap on our whole club is far in excess of what is reasonable.

When you consider that we’re frequently told that no bias exists, isn’t it amazing that the bulk of the press can all be acting in the same way; promoting the idea of Celtic as a club in permanent crisis?

You’d almost think there was an enormous reward at the end of this campaign and a club that was desperate to get its hands on it, for the sake of survival, wouldn’t you?

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    James, haven’t bought ANY scottish papers since “thugs and thieves” headline. You don’t have to focus on ex-hvn players. provan, bonner, walker, nicholas, mcavennie ALL soup-takers, will generate enough negative headlines to keep to keep you going forever. HH

  • Seppington says:

    Hopefully these fools will have been silenced completely when we win the title! Yes, second place and hopefully a cup and we’ll be making progress but I really want us to win the league this year as this will stop the Sevconian filth getting automatic entry to the CL next season and will likely KILL THEM!!!! Sure the Tories and their Brexit have shafted the economy but a surge in sales of jelly and ice cream would really help I’m sure….

  • SSMPM says:

    What utter nonsense

  • Biffo67 says:

    We seem to be so engrossed with our own club that we are missing a footballing managing genius within our game. The BBC Chief Football Writer, Phil McNulty is reporting on the BBC app that one of the two favourites for the Newcastle job, someone called Steven Gerrard, might not want to take the job as he is a certainty to take over at Liverpool when Jürgen Klopp leaves. I don’t know how many trebles or doubles or even European trophies this Steven person has won but his brilliance seems to have been hidden from us.

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