Poisonous Ex-Celt Is Slagging Our Players Yet Again.

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It is the job of a Celtic blogger to be critical of this club in the areas and at the times when it is falling down on the job, when it is negating its responsibilities and making a mess of things.

But the only people who criticise this club constantly, remorseless, are its enemies and I am increasingly unsure of how to call certain former players anything else.

They talk about the club as “us” or “we” but that’s easy to do. I just don’t get any sense that they mean it, because if they did they would not do as they do, which is pour a bucket of bile over it each and every day.

We know their names; Nicholas, Provan and of course McAvennie.

Two of them are pretty thick; the other is infuriating because he’s obviously an intelligent guy, slumming it with the Keevins’ of this world in creating controversy for its own sake.

Of the dumber two I’d have once said that it was Nicholas who had the lower IQ.

But frequent exposure to Frank McAvennie has convinced me otherwise. If Nicholas represents the proof that a single brain cell can account for full human functionality. I don’t know what gets McAvennie up and about and keeps him going all day.

But I do know that he spends an inordinate amount of it finding reasons to slag Celtic, the club he purports to love.

Today it’s the defence, Tony Ralston in particular. Only the target changes; the onslaught itself is constant. You’d think he played in teams of superstars at Parkhead the way he goes on about this player or that being inferior.

The constant drone from guy is tiresome, and it has me questioning how someone who believes himself to be a friend of our club can attack it with such venom over and over and over again.

Nothing we do is ever good enough for this guy.

No player ever measures up to his standards.

No manager has got things right. He sounds like someone who wishes us harm.

I know that’s not the case. How can it be? But if you didn’t know he had played for us you would swear that he’d spent his best football years in Scotland at another club, and not St Mirren, who he never talks about at all.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Probably gets paid more for his soup-taking drivel than ALL The Lisbon Lions’ weekly wages put together. Best ignored. HH

  • Barry says:

    Both still think they’re living the lads life in Soho. It’s sad and pathetic Nicholas still sporting an earring at 57 and then we have McAvennie who was invisible until certain podcasts came to light and gave him a platform to spout his bile of the club as you say, claim to love. I’m old enough to have watched all these guys live in their hay day, and they undoubtedly brought a lot of joy to the Celtic Supporters, but the way in which they constant attack Celtic would be considered treason in other walks of life. Walker & Commons aren’t much better. The only ex-players that still back Celtic & offer constructive criticism are from the Martin O’Neil era. The rest of them are just trying to keep themselves relevant by backstabbing the very club that made each and everyone of them. THEY ARE NOT CELTIC SUPPORTERS!!!

  • Johnny says:

    The man is a clown

  • Tom says:

    The only way to get the media in Scotland for a ex-rangers or Ex-Newco is to fawn over the Ibrox club Bigging them up and try and inflate their players worth. They also slam Celtic and this is seen as a joke amongst them.

    For Ex-Celtic is is to constantly abuse and slaughter all the club, Board mangers Players and Fans. They know anything they say in this manner is a headline in the DR.

  • SSMPM says:

    Tin hat reporters, only in it for the money and I guess the belief that somehow they’re still relevant.
    No doubt if and when Ange gets it right they’ll take some credit for prompting the positive change also. HH

  • Peter cassidy says:

    Frank where;s the coke ? Is thick as $hit can’t even speak in a straight sentence never mind write this bull$hit but a few quid he gets paid helps him as he spent most of his earnings in football on burds and c#ke booze etc i wish all ex celtic players who talk down celtic would just #uck off we don’t need them telling us how $hit we are at present .ps well done Scotland tonight.

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