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Promising Kid Once Again Sends A Message To The Coaches At Celtic Park.

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Celtic’s kids have been getting a lot of attention recently, and on this blog we’ve looked at a couple of them.

One in particular has been a headline grabber for us; Owen Moffat.

But there’s another young striker battering them in, and recently he’s made an impact outside of Celtic Park, for the Republic of Ireland youth team.

His name is Rocco Vata.

My guys have been raving about this kid, the son of Rudi Vata our former player from Albania. Like a lot of people who came here he stayed; Rudi married a Scottish girl and the family lives in Hamilton.

He has two sons, Ruan and Rocco … and the latter has signed his first professional contract with our club. All told, he’s quite a talent.

He’s young. He’s only 16. But people are already talking about him as if he’s something special.

His recent performances for the Irish Under 21’s have caught the eye, and he scored a wonder goal this weekend. He is also a major part of the colts team which is playing competitive football this season against players must older and physically stronger.

I disagree with us playing at such a poor skill level, but kids like Vata are going to benefit tremendously from that experience; it will toughen them up like nothing else will. The great thing is, based on the way this kid plays, it doesn’t seem to have placed too many limits on his talent.

As you can see from the goal, it’s an absolute beauty.

This kid is still very young, so it’s crazy to start talking him up as the Next Big Thing, but he isn’t short on confidence and his displays will have alerted Ange and his people, who will be keeping a close eye on him.

It’s good to see promising kids come through, and everyone who’s watched young Rocco claims he’s one of the best in the academy.

He is certainly enhancing his reputation.

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  • Roonsa says:

    I scored a cracking goal in PE when I was at Trinity High School in Cambuslang when I was about 16 circa 1985/86. I remember it well, curled it in an absolute beauty. Unfortunately that was the only notable thing I ever did whilst playing football.

  • DaveZ88 says:

    The youngsters playing in the lower leagues will certainly make them tough enough for spl, only gonna be beneficial for the prospects coming through, hopefully see a great young crop coming through soon

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