Rival Lunatic Forum Members Have Reported Celtic To Football Against Racism Europe.

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Tonight, someone sent me a link to what at first seemed like a tedious, irrational idiots discussion on a gutter fan forum about what the difference is between someone shouting FTP and someone else shouting FTQ.

This, of course, is exactly the sort of thing that occupies their days and nights, seeking moral justification through equivalence for the filth and degeneracy in their own heads.

At first I thought it was simply the usual nonsense, a discussion between semi-literates with a handful of brain-cells between them, rattling on about double standards and invented grievances.

There is, after all, a mega-thread on that site which consists of members posting their replies to a demented letter-writing campaign targeting MSP’s, to have the word hun deemed sectarian by Scottish Parliamentary vote.

As if our political class had nothing better to do than indulge such lunacy.

Many of these poor sods have had dozens of emails from these goons, and that’s just the ones who are publicly posting details of them.

Imagine being an elected official in this country and having to deal with these muppets and their bigoted obsessions day after day after day?

As it turns out, there was a good reason my friend sent me that thread, and I got to it on the second or third page; these clowns have spent the last 24 hours writing to Football Against Racism Europe, accusing us of sectarianism.

Football Against Racism Europe doesn’t concern itself with sectarianism.

Their concern is actually in their name.

It’s no surprise these clowns haven’t figured that out.

It certainly doesn’t concern itself with the kind of stuff these tiny minded morons are asking them to consider right now; Republican singing.

This is a subject I’ve written about in the past week whilst pointing out that some of the songs frequently heard at their stadium are from the exact same conflict, only on the other side of it.

They don’t recognise that.

They don’t recognise any part of reality that clashes with the nonsense that’s in their own heads.

FARE, who heard all this before when they were condemning the old Ibrox club for actual racist singing – the Famine Song – were, themselves, targeted by these same Peepul at the time.

They understand the sub-culture over there better than those goons think.

But this is an example of why we all need to be on our toes, all the time, continuing to self-police and keep ahead of any problems before they arise.

Our fans have a great reputation for combating racism, sectarianism and all forms of bigotry, but it requires constant refinement and a constant effort on our part to keep this stuff out of our stands, and whereas some clubs and their supporters get complacent and lazy or, as is the case over there, just don’t give a shit, we keep on working hard.

There are some who accuse us of thinking we’re on a higher moral plane than others; they are right, because we are.

I have never been shy about expressing that.

There are no “two sides of the coin”: we’re not, as Celtic has publicly said, two sides of anything, we stand alone and the psychology (psychopathy might be a better word) of our neighbours is sometimes seen as the reason why, but that’s erroneous as well.

Because we don’t behave responsibly and ethically just to spite them, or because it’s some kind of mirror image of what they are.

No, we do it because our fans get that there are some things for which there is no defence or justification and that there are ideas and ethos’ which don’t belong in the civilised world.

We have been the victims of racism, we are the children and grand-children of immigrants, so we get the moral side of this; our adherence isn’t just about keeping us out of trouble, and that’s one of the blind-spots over there, one of the many.

They will, at times, force themselves to behave, because of fear of the consequences … but that means never having to confront their behaviour on the basis of what’s right and what’s wrong.

They are reporting to us to football’s anti-racism body not because we’re sectarian or racist but because they are.

Because this is another form of attack against our club’s Irish identity, and whilst I don’t personally believe that Republican singing belongs inside Parkhead, as I’ve said before, I recognise this tactic of theirs for its distinct smell.

It really is amazing how many ways they have to hate.

An earlier version called FARE Fans Against Racism Europe … thanks for those who pointed out my mistake.

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  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Just SCUM being SCUM! Not a BRAIN CELL amongst them, In Bred Faithers & GrandFaithers CONSUME THEM WITH HATE that’s the DNA of a Knuckodragga!!

  • Dora says:

    Skummiest support bar none, beggars belief!!
    The long list goes on with the most embarrassing situations that unfortunate klub has found itself in…what a klub!!
    Dirty, rotten, cheating fking bigoted fkwits that Angers footy klub!!
    My apologies, should read wangers Int footy klub…sevco fc for any lurking fkwits!!

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    They need to realise they were huns then,huns now and they will always be huns

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    My apolligies for not mentioning rule britannia in my last post

    • REBELLIOUS says:

      Ah don’t be daft ScouseBhoy but, it’d be a good idea not to mention it ever again??

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Yes, totally agree with points made, this partial sentence says it all…

    as Celtic has publicly said, ‘We’re not the other side of anything, We stand alone’

    Wouldn’t have been ideal IF Our Club had that same attitude in 2012 when instead, they were actively in cahoots wae the enemy? Albeit they were being lied to by the same enemy.

    We wouldn’t be in the state We are atm, We should have buried them and been quick to do so.
    I doubt We’ll ever get that chance again, they’ve changed rules for liquidation because it will happen to the pretendigers(le merde?-2012) Someone over there saw this as highly likely then it was introduced into the rules and regs.
    We are doomed to have them, in the background hopefully, for evermore.
    They would’ve buried Us given the chance and partied & danced atop of the grave.
    We should’ve done that…

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Rebellious I’m with you on that my friend , David Murray did indeed try to kill us of he told his bankers ,bank of Scotland to foreclose on our debt that we owed them, remember at the time that dodgy bastard was in debt to BOS 800 million,but he wanted to shut us down and they would have if not for Fergus the bunnet,but what pisses me of the most is we had the chance to bury the bastards once and for all ,wipe them if this earth but they bastards on our board Desmond liewell bankier,they made it clear that they wanted the blue pound and agreed the 5 way res12 etc if that had been the Huns they would have stood on our throat till we were dead ,but we didn’t and mark me we will regret letting the masonic orange bastards survive.

  • Johnny says:

    They are nothing but a disease.

  • vinthetim says:

    something has to be done about the GB brats shouting FTQ as they were on thursday night. Just makes us as bad as them,will anyone say or do anything to erase this embarresing garbage from the GB?

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Agree wholeheartedly vinthetim I was squirming listening to it ,my missus who is English loves Celtic but asked me why are they singing that , whereas before she loves ,fields of athenry ,grace ,I just can’t get enough ,I couldn’t really explain to much to her about why we still sing that shit,it’s like the Huns singing FTP. pointless pish.

  • Ange Baby says:

    About time the GB and their hangers-on concentrated on singing CELTIC songs at CELTIC games.

    Far too much IRA nonsense being sung instead of Celtic songs and all it does is that it allows outsiders to bracket us as just as bad as Sevco singing about stuff which has nothing to do with Celtic.

    It does nothing to inspire our players

    Celtic FC have nothing to do with the IRA and never has done.

    Time to grow up, if ypu want to support the old IRA then fine, just do it elsewhere,.

    Real Celtic fans will get behind the team, the numpties will continue ignoring Celtic so they can carry on with theiir IRA fetish

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Got to agree with you Ange baby ,see my point I made to vinthetim,I think it’s embarrassing , pointless degrading and not in keeping with Celtics open to all policy.

      • Ange Baby says:

        You talk a lot of sense Jim, just seems to be a total lack of leadership at Celtic these days.
        GB have previously been banned for a game or 2 but get straight back despite the behaviour remaining the same.
        Yet again we had a flare going off early in the Leverkusen game from, guess which area?!!
        That’ll no doubt be yet another UEFA fine and the board do nothing.

  • SSMPM says:

    Rangers did not survive. They’re deid and their supporters lost the club they supported. The new club has a new breed of fanatics but they’re not football fans they’re racist hun fanatics. HH

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