Sky’s Broadcast Schedule Increasingly Feels Like An Insult To Celtic Fans.

Image for Sky’s Broadcast Schedule Increasingly Feels Like An Insult To Celtic Fans.

Who of the neutrals in Scotland would not want to be watching our midweek tie with Hibs? Who outside of Scotland who keeps an eye on our game would not want to see that match? Yet we the Celtic fans and anyone else who does will be compelled again to pay for the privilege when we already have Sky subscriptions and they are the promised home of Scottish football on TV.

At the weekend they showed the game from St Mirren. Next weekend they intend to be at Motherwell. Guess who the common denominator there is?

Why is this increasingly coming across as another means of giving Celtic fans the finger? This would not be new to Sky Sports Scotland who thinking inflicting the village idiot Boyd on us is terribly funny and amusing. I can see no other reason for them to do it.

Celtic fans have already expressed anger over previous broadcasting choices; to leave out the game on Wednesday whilst giving the club across town another free weekend game feels like a calculated act now, something thought through before it was implemented.

Celtic-Hibs in midweek is one of the biggest games on the calendar and whilst we all understand that these are decisions at least partly brought about by the global health crisis some of them are incomprehensible just the same, like the decision not to show this tie.

This would have been a showpiece fixture in any other season, and I can’t really see why it isn’t now except that the broadcaster just doesn’t seem to want to show us at the moment. Perhaps that will change, but I’ve looked at the fixture list and it heavily favours showing the matches of our rivals, with so many tricky away games coming up for them.

It seems that Celtic fans had better get used to being snubbed, at least for a while.

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  • Roonsa says:

    Absolutely spot on. I was just talking about this with a work colleague who is a Liverpool fan. She thinks the Sky coverage for English football is shocking. I said to her that she should give their Scottish football coverage a go then count her blessings.

    Now showing the Motherwell game I felt was a kick in the nads enough especially as Motherwell’s game against the chimps is being shown. Showing them against St Mirren yesterday was another nadbuster but not showing us away to Hibs puts to the tin lid on it as far as I am concerned. I will cancel my subscription this week if not today.

  • Delbhoy says:

    This is simpler than you think ,Sevco are skint and need all the help financially, Sky are just obliging with a nod a wink and a funny looking handshake ,feck them sevco will die anyway

    • Roonsa says:

      Nobody said it wasn’t simple Delbhoy. It’s just a question of:

      If you pay for Sky Sports, do you think your interests are being covered? If not, don’t give them any more money. The End.

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Skinto FC have Scummy Friends everywhere, need every sheckle they kin get! At least oor game is b4 them agane so lets crank up the pressure!!

  • Bill neill says:

    I agree 100 per cent and I for one am thinking of cancelling my sky subs.I like many other have sky sports ,and Bt sport and Prem sports. Yet I’ve already paid for 3 games so far POV .totally pissed of with sky

  • David Tolmie says:

    At our AGM we should check if Sky don’t want Celtic is there an Option to broadcast all our home Games, giving a percentage of any income to the Visitors. HH

  • Michael Chalmers says:

    What is the calendar for these televised games

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    ‘sly’ have forever been sevco/h?n biased to their bone marrow, any Celtic fan expecting to get a fair shake from them is delusional and might even believe sevco were ‘relegated’

    It has always been thus and that fact will not change whilst they have the exclusive rights.
    That’s why I was rooting for BT in getting the Scottish fitba contract; and as soon I as seen those rights were exclusive to ‘sly’ sports; I knew we were in for getting the cold shoulder repeatedly.

    Pointless petitions will not change anything, kris void, less live games and weird ko times are all part of sly sports ensuring Celtic fans get the shitty end of the stick.

  • Thomas Cochrane says:

    Folk who contribute to Sky and complain about their schedule knowing the history are a wee bit odd.

  • Pan says:

    Any Celtic fan who invests in SKY really needs to get help and advice from professional sources. How often do you need to get two fingers to get the message?

  • Ralph says:

    Who really cares about Sky Sports.
    Don’t and never will give them Tuppence as they are only interested in English football as they continue ? % to snub the rest.
    Anyone who pays for Sky is paying for English football nothing else and as I’m uninterested in the overhyped crap I just Don’t

  • Malc says:

    Don’t pay Sky for their shite – simple. By the way, my village idiot was very upset at being compared to Boydichenko. He’s much smarter than idiot every day of the week…

  • Michael Hernon says:

    Cancel your subscription to Sky.

    They are anti Celtic and anti Scottish.

    Why are we not awarded a percentage of the fee paid to the EPL based on the amount Sky receive from Scotland?

    If we received that amount, it would be considerably more than they pay now.

    Why are Scottish viewers happy to accept being treated as second class citizens by Sky?

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