So Far So Good On The Injury Front As Celtic’s Internationals Come Through.

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Who breathed a huge sigh of relief when they heard that Kyogo and Rogic had come through their clash against one another the other night?

I know I did. There is a ways to go before we’re out of the woods entirely on this international break but we’re almost there.

We’re rushing towards the weekend, and the return of Real Football again.

The game at Fir Park will be challenging. The trick now is to get all our players home, as quickly as we can, as fit as they can, and get a day or two’s training done to ensure that they are in peak shape. So far so good on the injury front.

We’re going to have – at the moment anyway – as close to a full squad as we’ve had in a while.

The news on Jullien is confusing; there are reports that he won’t be back to full training this month. It would be good to hear that from someone official and not just the purveyors of rumour and fake news. He has missed a lot of football; he’s not going to be playing for months.

The fear of course was that something would happen to our Japanese Bhoy; he has come through no bother, in part because he’s been warming the bench.

We ought not to be naïve enough to think that this will continue if he keeps scoring goals for us, but for right now their national coach can “snub” him as much as he likes.

I’d like to see all our player equally “snubbed.”

We just have to get through the Scotland game now and I reckon we’ll be out of the woods for another international break.

Of course, then attention turns to Scotland and the way other clubs think they can roughhouse us and get away with it at the moment.

That’s up to the manager to do something about that; a word to the press about recent refereeing would not go amiss.

More on that later, believe me.

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