Someone At Celtic Needs To Be Looking Into The Hibs Away Ticket Disgrace.

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There’s an interesting story doing the rounds today about Celtic’s ticket allocation for Easter Road, such as it will be.

Apparently, a number of Celtic end tickets have turned up, for sale, on what can only be described as a touts site, for £65 each.

John Paul Taylor and Celtic are adamant that we have not given any of our allocation to a third party. So how did this site get its hands on these briefs, if indeed it has? Are the tickets legitimate? Did they come from Hibs?

Nobody seems to know.

But something like this requires an investigation, and a quick one with full transparency.

It is tough enough for fans to get tickets for away games these days – all fans, of every club, and I feel for all of them, believe it or not (except one set, which goes without saying) – without tickets leaking to the sort of people you want to beat like a drum.

If this didn’t come from us, could it have come from Hibs?

That seems the most logical conclusion and that’s where any investigation needs to start.

Hibs need to do an internal audit and find out what the Hell is going on here.

These tickets are for their ground; the first responsibility for making sure they don’t wind up in the hands of scalpers is theirs.

Speculation that Celtic fans could have sold these tickets on needs to be looked into as well, although it’s not clear that they have even been allocated yet so I’m not even sure how that would work.

The whole thing stinks, and if these tickets are real then we need to identify how they were obtained by this kind of website, and then act on it.

In the meantime, nobody should be blaming Celtic as a club for this.

We’ve made our position on it crystal clear; these tickets did not come from us.

John Paul Taylor has looked into that and so the key question has been answered.

I have no doubt that he and the club will pull this matter apart until we find out what happened.

Until then, let’s not point the finger at our own house, because the blame doesn’t belong there.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Anyone who buys an away ticket in scotland for £65 is off their nut. I grudge giving Celts that kind if money for a home game. HH

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