Sutton Was Right To Slap Down Idiots Talking About Third And Fourth Place.

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Earlier on I asked whether Sutton was correct to say that Celtic fans would understand a second place finish. But there is no doubt that he was correct when he slapped down Ian Murray and the other idiots who have suggested we might finish below that.

I wrote about this yesterday, pointing out that this is largely ex-players from the club across town talking this crap, but the fault isn’t theirs. It lies with the media that reports this garbage as if it was serious commentary.

Sutton also called them out on whether or not they even believe what it is that is coming out of their mouths.

The dishonesty of the media in running stuff they know to be lunacy has to be highlighted.

If the papers want to openly troll us then they should stop pretending to be newspapers.

If they want to work on unsettling the Celtic manager, then our club should stop credentialing those who are waging war on us. Imagine asking these people what they think in the first place; that’s openly taking the piss out of us. That’s a joke.

Sutton did a good service to our club by slapping these muppets down, and in particular by reminding people that none of them actually thinks that Celtic will finished third, fourth or fifth.

They all know that it will be us and the club across the city atop the table when this campaign ends, so all they are doing is indulging in a little bit of stirring the soup.

We forget sometimes, amidst the tide of negativity that comes at us, that we do have friends out there, or at least people who will give us a fair shake. Sutton and Hartson, as former players, have been excellent this week in fighting our corner.

Some of us may have disagreed with parts of what they said, but the overall tone was one of optimism and trust in the man we have in the dugout and he needed it and the club needed it.

I wish more of our former footballers would give this team and the manager a lift instead of endlessly criticising them.

Scrutiny is one thing, a barrage of bile is another.

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  • Pcelt says:

    everyone is entitled to their opinion and if there isnt a massive improvement i can see us ending up there,our tactics/system is too one dimentional at times and easy to play against as has been proved when we come up against decent opposition.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Big Chris Sutton is a shining beacon of light for our club ,I love the guy ,I know he can be controversial at times ,but I love the way he winds up swally mcoist and his orange cohorts.

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