That Was A Terrible Week For The Craziness Of The Anti-Celtic Media

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Today I’ve decided to do something I never have before, which is to go through the last week of news day by day.

The reason I’ve decided to is that this was a vintage week for our sporting press, a week that was as good a showcase for how nutty they are, how despicable they can be and how low they are willing to for an anti-Celtic story.

The manager of our club has had to endure a torrid time of it, and to be honest I could probably have done this for every week in the past month.

I think they’ve been absolutely appalling, and whilst that’s the standard we have come to expect of them there was an element of nuttiness, of desperation, this past seven days which was astonishing.

So here it is, starting from last Sunday.

A week in which our crazy media was shown up at its very, very worst and most unprofessional.

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  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Is it not time Celtic cut some of these ,and I use the word lightly “journalist’s” out of the loop at press conference’s, not banned but cold shouldered, when entering Celtic park, made to feel not welcome. More time should be given to the Celtic Fan blogs and podcasts, not the trashy red tops,who incidentally not a lot of right thinking fans don’t bother with anymore.

  • Peter Shields says:


    I don’t see a Next Button



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