The Boss Plays It Safe And Celtic Goes With Kyogo As The Single Striker After All.

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Sometimes it pays to go with what you know.

I admit, freely, to be disappointed in the line-up.

Not just in the decision to go with one man up front but in the decision not to toughen up the midfield.

But the manager has gone with what he thinks is his strongest starting eleven, including the two centre backs he’s trusted, when they’ve both been available, up until now.

There’s one in the eye for the critics of Bolingoli as well; he’s in at left back. To me, he’s got the back line absolutely spot on. He took Kyogo up front and let’s face it, we’re not, any of us, going to moan at that because the little guy has been exceptional.

But I am disappointed nonetheless, because I want to see the Greek striker play, and I think that the midfield three is not built for a battle and that’s what this is going to be today.

Unless we start like a hurricane and blow them away early – there’s always a chance of that, of course – this one will devolve into a slog, and if it does we’re going to need to change that midfield.

Still, the bench looks much more like it; here’s the story, though, which the media is going to pounce on.

There’s no Soro on there and there is no James McCarthy either.

We have two strikers on the bench and Mikey Johnston. If the midfield battle does have to be won the only guy we’ve given ourselves to do it is Nir Bitton.

Boy oh boy, I hope we don’t come to regret that. It looks like an oversight to me.

Still, it’s a strong starting eleven and one that has goals in it.

Get off to a good start and today will be a walk in the park.

Start slow and sluggish and it’ll be a long afternoon.

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