The Celtic Boss Slaps Down Another Hack. He’s Starting To Know Who His Enemies Are.

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Yesterday, as most of you are aware, Celtic won comfortably and the manager was interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland by Alastair Lamont.

The first question he was asked – whether the manager thought we deserved the points – clearly pissed him off.

And as ever, Ange snapped back.

“Do you not think?” he asked, and Lamont, of course bottled it and tried to push the question back to him. Ange answered it quite brilliantly. He focussed on the players and on the performance.

Of course we damned well deserved it.

But Lamont wasn’t finished yet.

“We were saying in commentary that, by his own standards, Kyogo was maybe having a quieter game than usual, finding it a little bit difficult to get into the game, but it was some way to announce himself into the game. The first goal was a thing of beauty, almost.”

Ange, by now well and truly fed up, responded, dripping with sarcasm, “It definitely must have been a half-glass full commentary today …”

Do you think he has any doubts that these people wish us ill?

Do you think he has any doubts that the first warning he was given from fan media –and how that point was mocked at the time, but not by those of us who were glad that the point was made –that these people are not friends of our club?

Ange has experienced it first-hand now.

The press is a disgrace.

You’ll recall that I did a piece the day before yesterday, on how The Daily Record has brought an ex-Hearts and Dundee Utd managerial nobody out of the woodwork to say why we’d lost the game?

Examine the contrast between that and how they’ve handled the game across the city which is taking place tomorrow.

These people are a joke, and our manager is starting to realise it.

He has already made it clear to them that they won’t get away with anything.

Some will try their luck though, and when they do they will be spanked like naughty children.

I wrote about the BBC earlier in the week, after watching their weekend highlights package and being stunned at the obvious bias in the editing. Lamont’s questions last night make you wonder whether that policy is more widespread than just in the cutting room.

Ange does too. He’s starting to know who his enemies are.

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  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Keep telling the truth about the awful Scottish media, who are full of ex employees of a certain “zombie club”

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      The same club lie sums up the gutless lot of them. Getting paid for denying the truth which they reported at the time of oldcos demise. This fact needs rammed down their throats every time.

  • Johnny says:

    Do what sevco do and don’t talk to them. HH

  • Paul says:

    From a hot Aussie ange is so cool in dealing when th Scots media scum

  • harold shand says:

    Any other team it’s “ That was a deserved win “

    When it’s Celtic it’s “ Was that a deserved win ? “

    Sly as fck

  • Neil Smith says:

    Truly Ange is our manager we deserve… The manager we needed.. Maybe had to come from beyond Scotland??? I hope to god the board back him and keep him … Been years since we had someone so strong and yes early days but a different environment but big jock is closest he comes to (big praise) but who else has taken them on ? Strachan was good … Rodgers was sadly measured but still good… After that ?? Christ meek men…Lennon at times but hard to think such now… In Ange we trust

  • Damian says:

    I just thought Lamont made an absolute mess of his wording. His in-studio colleagues took the absolute piss out him after the interview, before going on to wax lyrical about the excellent Celtic performance. Ange slapping him down was hilarious though.

  • John S says:

    Let’s say that a certain member club used a promotion video to incite racism. One would have to get the police to take it seriously and follow up any complaint. Then they would have to take any evidence they choose to find to the Procurator Fiscal and he would decide if it was efficient to warrant a charge, which would go before a judge in service of the crown and then he, in turn, would have to ponder the delicate matter before announcing ‘Not Guilty’.

  • SSMPM says:

    “Makes you wonder whether the policy is more widespread that just in the cutting room”. Really. We’ve been subject to this all of last and this season and forever before that so I don’t think anyone is starting to wonder. HH

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