The Record Found A No-Mark To Have A Go At Celtic And Ange Before The Game.

Image for The Record Found A No-Mark To Have A Go At Celtic And Ange Before The Game.

Congratulations to The Record for the feat of having their gutter version of journalism featured in the first two articles of the day.

The last one was about their preposterous claim that Newcastle’s Saudi owners are backing off from Gerrard because they are scared to offend the club across the city.

This one is about how Scotland’s most classless sports department always seems to find somebody on the brink of a European game, hailing from the homeland of our opponents, who’ll tell us why we’ll get beat.

They really had to reach for this one, and they did Csaba Laszlo, who they routinely and mercilessly mocked when he was a manager in Scotland (twice, with Hearts and Dundee Utd) and who now, apparently, is a font of all footballing knowledge and wisdom.

And what wisdom does he have to impart?

Why, that Celtic is a shambles without a sporting director although the off-field issues are nothing to do with how we are progressing on the park, and Ange doesn’t know European football as well as he should.

The Record is a pathetic rag for constantly doing this, and the no-marks they bring to the fore for these sorts of pieces make them look doubly ridiculous.

Laszlo is still in management; at his current club his win ratio is a mere 15% so we’re not even meant to take him seriously any more than the press did when he was managing in this country.

But it’s a shining example of what they do; bitchy little attacks on Celtic from whatever angle they can come up with.

It would be infuriating if we hadn’t seen it time and time again, but we have of course and no doubt we will again in the future.

Just win today Celtic, just win. It’s the best way to shut these cretins up.

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  • Geoff says:

    Literally just read this drivel James
    There must be some kind of media anti Celtic list that they can immediately call on depending on who our opponents are.
    Nothing like promoting us ahead of a euro tie

  • scouse bhoy says:

    just as the bile and sheer hatred from the newco and their fans has actually got worse since 2012 and that takes some doing but somehow they have managed it the negativity towards us has also been ranked up a few gears. what ever happened to supporting our clubs when they play in europe ?. no other sports media in europe would go out their way to achieve a negative story before a game.

  • harold shand says:

    The hack who wrote this has been told by his higher uppers because he got named and shamed mocking the disabled on old Twitter posts during the Heart & Hand furore if he wants to keep his job that he better start towing the line and get ramping up the anti Celtic stories .

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    What??? Thank fvck it wasn’t Aberdeen stalwart from mid-late 70’s, Zoltan Varga. HH

  • Johnny says:

    I keep saying it why does any celtic supporter buy that bog-roll, the sooner it closes down the better, and don’t say it’s something to read buy a book.HH

  • Mick McMenemy says:

    The Daily Record should just be laughed at and generally ignored.Wouldn’t even bother having a whinge about them.Just ignore them completely.We all know there pitiful agenda.Laugh and mock them at every opportunity.Dreadful journalism and I use that word with a smile on my face.

  • Johnny says:

    Scumbags HH

  • SSMPM says:

    Progress is what the press should be focussing on with Celtic and rankers.
    Celtic – After a terrible European campaign last year, we need to see if Celtic are making progress by overcoming a team that put us to bed last year.
    Rankers – After a terrible European campaign this year can this rankers team beat a team called Progress or should they just FO and die again.
    C’mon a Hoops

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