The Scottish Press Has Finally Met A Celtic Manager Who They Can’t Misrepresent.

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The press in this country works hard when it comes to Celtic managers.

They work hard to undermine them and they work hard to unsettle them.

They also enjoy misrepresenting them, as much as they can. That will not be the case with Ange Postecoglou.

The Record make a weak effort to do it today, but he spoke so concisely that they didn’t get much bite.

Whenever this guy talks to the press he talks straight. On the few occasions when they have tried to twist his words he’s made sure that they understand what he actually said, and what he actually meant. They don’t get to play these games with him.

Ange worried me when he arrived. I thought he might be too laid back, too much of a nice guy, and whilst he’s definitely laid back and very definitely a nice guy we’ve seen a steeliness to him recently which eases our concerns in a big, big way.

Take today the press conference; Ange went out of his way to point out that he said we played well after the Leverkusen home game, whilst admitting that there were costly individual mistakes. He has left the press no room for spin or a negative interpretation.

The press is not used to a Celtic boss who talks bluntly enough that they struggle to generate the kind of headlines they are so used to. They also know that any attempt to twist his words will meet with a stern rebuke the next time they sit in front of him.

James highlighted the weekend’s take-down over the league table; Ange’s response was not angry, nor vindictive.

It was more a case of “how stupid do some of you look now?”

The man will tolerate criticism, but he won’t accept nonsense.

He communicates so clearly that nobody should be second-guessing him or re-interpreting what he has to say.

And woe betide anyone who tries to.

The Rumour Guy is a Celtic fan and blogger from Glasgow.

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